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American Nightmare by T.K. Murphy

American Nightmare
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Bob is a very nice man, who has always lived by the rules. Then one by one, things go horribly wrong and Bob becomes unglued, leading to a massive killing spree.

Bio: I have worked in corporations all my life, but love to write. Writing has been a passion for me , since I was a kid and this is my first book.

He would take care of Olaf in a different way. This was different. Before he reacted out of panic, but now Bob was shifting into deliberative thought and action. Bob first needed to get rid of the cars. Then he realized he had Allison’s cell phone. He decided on a plan of action. He cleaned the car and bleached it and then washed it again and left it to dry. He charged up her cell phone. Bob had helped Gertrude with her email numerous times and he knew her password. 

Bob was very fond of photography and videotaping and had uploaded numerous nature videos onto the web. Bob tailed Olaf in Allison’s car and staked out the cabin with the boy. He knew the comings and goings of Olaf. Olaf often made out with the boy outside, as nobody could see from the road and he would hear if someone used the dirt road. Once he figured out Olaf’s schedule with the boy, Bob stealthily videotaped Olaf. He made sure he got enough footage that there would be no doubt.

Interview with T.K. Murphy

What will readers like about your book? 
It is a fast pace thriller and connects to the difficulties faced by many in America today.

Why did you self publish? 
It is very easy to self publish and I really enjoy putting out my own unique flavor .

What is your writing process? 
It flows very smoothly. I always enjoy writing and it is very therapeutic.

How long does it take you to write your first draft? 
About a couple of months.

What inspired you to write this particular story? 
I have worked in corporate America for most of my adult life. I have seen the devastation wracked by clueless people at the top-who have stopped caring about others . There is no sesne of community or belonging anymore. What intrigued me is the way people react when encountering hardship. people I thought were very stable, snapped and people who are always going on and on about things, seemed to cope the best. 

It intrigued me and I wrote this novella and the following sequel, "The Retreat" about the psyche of people under stress, when the world does not make sense anymore. Of course, it is fiction and I have shaped it so, but I think truth is stranger than fiction!

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