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Wild Angel by Miriam Minger

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Triona O'Toole made it perfectly clear that although she loved her father, she would not graciously obey his dying wish and be left in the care of Ronan O'Byrne, the fierce warrior leader believed to be responsible for her brother's death years before. The feared chieftain has his hands full fighting the Normans, and the last thing he needs is a rebellious hellion like Triona making his life more difficult. 

Ronan decides the best course of action is to marry her off to a suitable husband who will no longer allow her to dress and fight like one of the men. But Triona is no longer the sisterlike child Ronan remembers and soon it is he who wants to show her the pleasures of being a woman. An old secret involving Triona's heritage and the desire for revenge threaten the couple's happiness as well as Triona's life, and only the uniting of old enemies to stand against the new will allow Ronan and Triona to live in peace with the past and present and build their life together.

Ms. Minger transports you to medieval times with the turn of a page! Her characters are strong and independent with just the right touch of vulnerability! Ms. Minger leaves you anxious to continue the story, to carry on with the same characters, and to continue living in the world she created! Ms. Minger is a wonderful choice for those who have never been introduced to the medieval romance or those hardened fans who demand the best! A brilliant work, a memorable read! Don't start the year without it!Diane Potwin

"Fast paced, exciting, and love scenes to curl your toes. Miriam Minger is a 50-carat jewel! Five stars!"~Affaire de Coeur

"Unique...This non-stop, exhilarating read will capture you with its fabulous characterizations, lightning-fast pacing, clever plotting, and strong writing."~Romantic Times

"With Miriam Minger, you're assured of a good read!"~Heartland Critiques

Don't miss the breathtaking sequel to Wild Angel, Wild Roses...or Miriam Minger's acclaimed novel of love, lust, and adventure, The Pagan's Prize, winner of the Best Medieval Historical Romance of the Year from Romantic Times!


"Aye, Laeg, I see him," Triona muttered to the tall bay stallion who tossed its great head as Ronan stepped outside, his black cloak swirling. "Bright June sunshine and the man still looks like the very devil."
An admittedly handsome devil no matter the stern look on his face, she thought as Ronan stopped dead in his tracks when she took aim. Even more so than she remembered as a young girl when it had made her heart pound just to look at him. When she’d believed the moon, the sun and the twinkling stars in the night sky spun around Ronan O’Byrne. But that had been before he’d murdered her brother.
"Might I ask what you’re doing pointing that arrow at me?" came his query, his voice tinged with just enough authority, just enough condescension to infuriate her. "I thought we came out here to talk."
"I’ve little more to say to you than this, Black O’Byrne. If you think I’m going anywhere with you, think again!" She released the deadly missile with an ominous zing, skewering the hem of Ronan’s long cloak to the wall.
Stunned, Ronan looked from the owl-fletched arrow that had narrowly missed his calf to Triona’s satisfied smile. That wily old Fineen! His new charge was no more a modest and dutiful female than Ronan was a lover of Normans. The disobedient chit seemed intent upon defying him.
"You see that I don’t need your protection," she declared, deftly fitting another arrow to the string. "I’ve taken care of myself for years and intend to continue! Now mount your horse and leave me in peace!"
"And if I don’t?" Swallowing his surprise at her skill with the bow, Ronan yanked his mantle from the wall and strode toward her. He didn’t flinch as a second arrow winged right past his ear, piercing the earth harmlessly behind him. "An oath is an oath, Triona, and I intend to honor it . . . with or without your consent."
The third arrow sliced into the ground at his feet and Ronan stopped, incensed.
"Go on, test my aim! Take another step!" she dared him, tossing a lustrous mass of coppery gold ringlets over her shoulder. "But I warn you, my father taught me how to shoot and he claimed that my skill equaled his own. Try to touch me, O’Byrne, and I swear the next arrow will fly straight to your heart. A fitting end to match the one you gave my brother!"

About Miriam Minger

Miriam Minger's first novel Twin Passions was called "a fabulous debut." (Romantic Times) Since then, Miriam has swept readers into her unforgettable historical romances with her strong, forceful heroes and fiery heroines. She is the winner of several Reviewer's Choice Awards and a two-time RITA Award finalist.

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  1. Awesome review! Sounds like a great read.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful feature on Wild Angel!

  3. Great feature, Miriam. Your book sounds interesting.
    Kathy Shay

  4. I do love stories with red-haired women! WILD ANGEL sounds like a wonderful read.

  5. I just finished reading this on my kindle and loved it. I was so impressed with the characters and the feeling of being the characters that I also bought the sequel book Wild Roses and couldn't put that one down either!!

  6. Has there been any word about a third book on Niall O'Byrne? Wild Roses left us hanging regarding his character.

  7. I'm so glad you enjoyed Wild Angel and Wild Roses. I'm planning a novella for Niall so he can have his story, too. Just know that he's going to meet a feisty young woman who will lead him on a wild adventure!

  8. I just finished the Wild Angel book and looking forward to reading Wild Roses. I couldn't stop reading Wild Angel. I knew the book was good because I was cursing at the characters for being so pig headed and stubborn.

  9. Dear Miriam, I just finished reading Wild Angel as well. My very first book of yours and I'm impressed! I sure hope Caitlin will be the one for Niall. Now it's time for me to hunt for Wild Roses. Can't wait to read it.

  10. I have read both Wild Angel and Wild Roses and I love them. I just could not put each one down the stories were so good. I cant wait until the next book comes out and I hope we will get to know more of Maire and Triona's happy life.

    The only bad thing I can say is that I will have to wait for the next one to come out.