Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Rake's Reward by Mary Kingsley

Even a rake can lose his heart…

Lady Cecily Randall was no green girl to be seduced by a handsome face. The eminently dutiful daughter of the Duke of Marlow, she’d been groomed to make a suitable match. So when the rather humorless Marquess of Edgewater proposed, she accepted. She tried not to think about love and happily-ever-after…and she certainly forced from her mind all thoughts of the handsome stranger she’d encountered on one of her forbidden solitary rides in the park. Alexander Darcy might be a viscount, but he was also a womanizing scoundrel…just the sort of man to upset the most practical of plans.

It wasn’t easy being a rake—late nights, ruinous gambling and carousing, demanding paramours. But Alexander Darcy had managed to endure. Of late, however, even those simple pleasures had begun to pall. It was far more intriguing to investigate a lady conspirator. The Home Office was convinced Lady Cecily Randall was not all she seemed, and investigating her would be the most pleasant assignment Alex ever had. For even if he believed the wide-eyed beauty was innocent, he might just have to seduce her to prove it.

I live in Massachusetts with my daughter. I'm a librarian, and I love books. Besides reading, I also enjoy crafts and walking.

Why did I self-publish?
I'm actually reissuing books that were published traditionally. Most of them are romances. I'm thrilled at the idea of my stories having more lives. I hope not only to reach new readers, but to reconnect with old ones. In the future, I will be releasing new material. It's a very exciting time to be a writer.

What is my writing process?
I plot and outline first, making pages and pages of notes before I even start the manuscript. Once I do, I write longhand. Usually I have some research done before I start, but I do the bulk after the first draft is written. I enter the manuscript into the computer and do several rewrites before I'm satisfied that it's the best book I can write. My average time writing a book is 6-9 months, depending on what else is going on in my life.


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The Rake's Reward
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