Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vallar - Cindy Borgne

Set in the future on Mars.....

Ian Connors is a psychic who uses his special talent to serve the most powerful corporate syndicate on the planet, Marscorp. But a disturbing vision and a horrible loss cause Ian to doubt his loyalties to a corrupt, dictatorial admiral.
Unwilling to be a pawn in the Admiral's dangerous game, Ian must find a way to escape and protect a girl he sees himself with in the future. His only hope may lie with a new organization known as Vallar - an alliance of rebel organizations willing to fight for their survival.

Q: What will readers like about your book? 

Those who like character driven science fiction, should like my novel "Vallar". It's fast paced with plenty of conflict and some romance.

Q: Why did you self publish? 

I wanted control over the price and distribution.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre? 

Frank Herbert "Dune", Orson Scott Card "Ender's Game", and Connie Willis "Doomsday Book"

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