Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Inheritor by Gil Hardwick

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Format: Available in MHTPDFEPUBMOBI, or on request.

After his two closest cousins die mysteriously, dreamy young Ned finds himself the last remaining heir to a vast outback cattle empire. He has to learn quickly to stand on his own feet. But he is not alone. There are other interests blocking his path in life. Using Aboriginal magic and strength of character his family maintain the status quo and restore their lineage, but at great personal cost. Ned Collins inherits far more than property and wealth.
Full length novel – 286 pages, 78,000+ words.

Bio: As an anthropologist, novelist and writer Gil Hardwick is a gifted author. Over many years working as a field ethnographer in the vast Australian inland he has met real characters and had real-life adventures, bringing his personalities and his plots to vibrant life. Writing from life, he neither shies away from real issues and at times confronting dilemmas.

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