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Ursula Bauer's A Haunting Affair

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Ex-cop Sam Tyler made a deathbed promise to uncover the truth behind the murder of his friend’s wife at a remote Adirondack lodge. Emma Bishop, a psychic with a shady past, went legit when she hit eighteen. The action at Holloway Lodge is a dangerous game she needs to play to build on her formidable reputation. As old secrets and fresh bodies turn up…life and love are put to the ultimate test.

Ursula Bauer writes paranormal romantic suspense, from furs and fangs to ghosts and psychics, and fancies herself a modern day adventuress always on the lookout for a little bit of trouble. Her books have been noted by reviewers for fast paced action, intrigue, and no shortage of romance. When not writing, she can be found reading through her ever growing TBR list, watching off label movies, battling the woodchucks in the never ending land war, and causing the occasional bit of trouble. In addition to being an avid romance reader, she's a dedicated geek, a movie buff, a crazed cook and gardener, and suffers from a long time addiction to the Star Wars saga.


A shadow detached itself from the gloom on the porch and her heart leapt into her throat.
“Spooky, isn’t it?” The shadow had a man’s voice. A nice one at that. Deep and resonant, the kind of voice that could talk a woman into all kinds of crazy things.
She found her own voice and answered the darkness. “It’s the scene of a brutal, unsolved murder. Spooky is part of the package.”
“Some people say it was suicide.” The shadow stepped closer to an anemic swath of light, revealing a long body, wide shoulders, and a strong profile, but not much more in terms of detail. What was there, however, was promising.
“People say a lot of things about Jennifer Vaughn’s death. Murder at the hands of an obsessive stalker. Death at the hands of her jealous husband. Robbery gone wrong. I’ve even heard the Lakeside Ghost is responsible,” she countered.
“Eric said you’re always on top of your facts. Looks like he was correct. As to the theories, knowing the Vaughns and their history, any one is a good possibility.”
“That’s why I’m here, isn’t it? To help you figure it out once and for all?” She advanced as they talked, eager to get a better look. She couldn’t resist a good mystery, or a good man, two top runners on her fatal flaw list. She cleared the last shadows, and looked up the stairs at his silhouette. “I’m Emma Bishop.”
“Sam Tyler. I was wondering when you’d show.” He took the steps with an easy grace at odds with his brawny frame.
“The last storm slowed me down. I had to pull off into a diner parking lot on the outskirts of town for almost an hour until it finally let up enough to drive. Cell reception’s pretty sketchy. I tried calling a few times from the road but had no signal.”
“Meyerville’s a town that likes its mountains pure. They’re against too many cell towers. Dead spots all over town and the surrounding hills. Welcome to the outback.”
Sam reached for her suitcase and she let him take it, enjoying the chivalry as much as the wave of heat radiating from his solid body. The view held up pretty nice, too. He was old school man, ruggedly handsome with black, close cropped hair and cool gray eyes. The polar opposite of the overly groomed metrosexuals who were the steady fare in the circles she frequented.
He also wore ‘cop’ they way those men wore the latest fragrance from Dolce and Gabbana. She knew from Eric’s email that the ‘ex’ in Sam’s ex-cop status was permanent, but some, they had it in the blood, the way the Vaughns had nothing but trouble. Taking away the badge didn’t take away the inner cop. Guys like Sam were the original white knights. Stick them back in the times of old and they’d be first in line to slay the dragon of the day.

Interview with Ursula Bauer

What will readers like about your book?
It’s a modern take on the gothic romance, updated for today’s sensibilities but keeping in line with the classic kind of spooky they were famous for. The romance is sweet, and focuses on emotional tension, vs. outright sex, to develop the romantic story. The mystery has plenty of suspects to keep you guessing. The pace is fast, and it promises a quick, entertaining read.

Why did you self publish?
It seemed like a good adventure, and allowed me to be on own schedule which suited my lifestyle a little better when I was working on the book.

What is your writing process?
Get the book done, no matter what it takes. I guess that sounds extreme, but I don’t know how else to describe it. When it’s done I often can’t remember how exactly it put itself together. I do a fair amount of pre-work, on character, plot, and support research, as well as outline, but method varies widely.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?
If I’m focused, have everything done ahead of time, 2 months (first two books). This book happened over a period of time because I wasn’t writing to a deadline.

What inspired you to write this particular story?
I saw a picture of the Vanderbilt’s Adirondack great camp, and things started sparking in my mind. When darkness and cold settle into those remote mountain getaways, it’s easy to picture all kinds of mayhem taking place.

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