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Nothing stays in Vegas by Elena Aitken

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 Authors Website: www.elenaaitken.com

Lexi Titan has mastered the art of pretending everything’s fine. After all, how else could she ignore the fact that her husband is never home, her son barely knows him and the last time she had sex, well, who can remember? With her life crumbling, the last thing she wants to do is go on a trip, especially back to Vegas; a city full of glitz, excess, and Leo, the man she’s spent the last six years trying to forget. But when her best friend announces she’s getting married, Lexi doesn’t have a choice. Besides, it’s ridiculous to avoid an entire city because of one guy. Even if he is the father of your child.

Face to face with memories of the past and the gorgeous man who started it all, Lexi can no longer deny the truth to anyone, especially Leo. But honesty will come at a price, and Lexi must decide if she’s wiling to take that risk. And what exactly will she tell her husband? Because as she now knows, NOTHING STAYS IN VEGAS.

Bio: Elena has published numerous non-fiction articles and has contributed multiple stories to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series but fiction has always been her true passion. Nothing Stays In Vegas is Elena's first released full length work of fiction and she's currently hard at work on the next one.


The music was too loud. Maybe it was me. Was twenty-seven too old to sip an overpriced cocktail, wearing a too-short skirt and a too-tight top? Judging by what some of the other ladies were wearing, no.

I tugged at my skirt in a vain attempt to pull it closer to my knees. Preferably over them. Nicole was late, as usual; it would take at least twenty minutes to go back to the room and change. There was no time. One thing was for sure, I'd never again buy anything an eighteen-year-old sales girl declared, "Totally perfect for Vegas."

The fluorescent blue liquid swirled around my glass as I fiddled with my straw. A “Knock Out,” the bartender had called it. It was going to knock me out. Every time I took a sip, the sweetness sent bites of pain through my teeth. Yet I couldn't seem to stop drinking it.

“Excuse me,” a voice from behind said.

I swiveled in my seat to see a very blond, very clean cut, very preppy guy. Good looking if you liked the college boy look.

I didn't.

He was standing over me, not even trying to conceal the fact that he was staring at my cleavage, which there was way too much of.


“Can I get you another?” College Boy gestured to my drink which I was surprised to see almost empty.

That would explain the dizzy feeling every time I moved my head. Knock Out, indeed.

"I'm married,” I said and turned back to face the bar. Where was Nicole?

"I'm Clark," College Boy said as he took the seat next to me, "and nobody in Vegas is married."

I twisted to look at him again. His smile dazzled. Clearly the result of thousands of dollars of orthodontic work. “Seriously,” I tried again. “I'm not interested.”

He leaned in and the smell of stale beer assaulted me. Over his shoulder I could see the table of his frat buddies, poking each other in the ribs and pointing in our direction.

Perfect. I was a bet.

“Listen, Kid.” I couldn’t have been much older then him, but maybe an insult would help. “I'm not interested in being part of your game tonight.”

“Come on, Baby.” His breath was hot and moist in my ear. I leaned back as far as I could without falling out of my seat but his arm snaked around me and yanked me toward him. “I just wanna have a little fun.”

“Maybe I can suggest a playground nearby."

Interview Questions with Elena Aitken

What will readers like about your book?

My books appeal to the 'every woman' because they address the hard questions that we've all asked ourselves at some point. 'What if things were different?' 'What would happen if I chose differently?' or even, 'Is it too late for a second chance?'

Why did you self publish?

With the publishing industry changing so rapidly and with things in such a state of flux, I felt self publishing was the best route for me to take to get my book in the hands of readers. Ultimately, I don't write my books so they can languish on my hard drive, I want readers to be able to connect and gain something from them. Self publishing seemed like the best choice, and so far it's been very satisfying.

What is your writing process?

I like to write as 'hot' as I can, so I make every effort to get the first draft out as fast as possible. Then there's a few rounds of edits and rewrites, that are all run through my critique group. When I'm ready, I send out my manuscript to a few trusted beta readers, more edits, and then I'm usually ready.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?

It depends on the story. For Nothing Stays In Vegas, it only took about three months to get the first draft finished.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I love Las Vegas, and on a recent trip I was struck by the common phrase, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." I thought, what if what happened in Vegas, didn't really stay there? So it was a combination of the city itself and the idea that Vegas is for flings and affairs that sparked the thought.

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