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Cinderella and the Sheikh by Teresa Morgan

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She's about to get charmed...

Libby Fay's safe little life as a waitress at a posh New York boutique hotel implodes when Sheikh Rasyn Al Jabar, black-eyed and seductive, crashes into her world and swears that he loves her.

The powerful sheikh will do anything to prevent becoming the ruler of his North African homeland, including marrying a woman who is inappropriate to be queen. When he sees the beautiful, bubbly waitress, he knows that she is the perfect wife to help him avoid the throne—all he has to do is make her fall in love with him.

All her life, Libby has longed for the same loving, equal partnership her parents had—something she couldn't possibly have with a forceful sheikh who ignores all her objections. But Rasyn seems to be able to charm her into anything, including his bed. Soon, she finds herself on a plane to Abbas, transported into a fairy tale come true.

Unfortunately for Libby, a Cinderella is the last thing this Prince Charming wants.


The happiness of one woman was a small sacrifice compared to the fate of a country.

Sheikh Rasyn ibn Bakr ibn Rahman al Jabar watched her tuck a stray strand of auburn hair behind her ear. Even from across the crowded lobby of Hotel Scheherazade, even separated from her by the glass wall that divided the cafĂ© from the hotel, she drew his awareness to every move of her lush body. The busy porters and smartly dressed guests bustling around him faded like smoke as he watched her.

Even from here, Rasyn could see the gray-haired gentleman sitting at her table was dazzled by her too-wide smile. He snuck a glance down her generous cleavage when she set his meal in front of him, as Rasyn wished to do.

Rasyn folded the paper he'd been pretending to read across his knee, taking care not to smudge the ink onto his Alexander McQueen suit. She was lovely, he had to admit, even to his critical gaze. Lovely enough to tempt any man into making a fool of himself. No doubt she thought herself too fat, but who could explain Western standards of beauty, with their skeletal models and anorexic actresses? Her breasts would spill over his hands as he ran his thumbs over her nipples. Her lush backside would press against him as he gathered her to his hardened body.

A ripple of guilt threatened his resolve. Of course she had done nothing to deserve what he would do to her. However, for the good ofall Abbas, he had to act. His cousin Imaran belonged on the throne, despite Uncle Anwar’s inclinations.

And it had to be soon. His uncle's illness loomed over Abbas like a shroud. The threat of the country devolving into tribal factions fighting over the succession was very real. Securing Imaran's rise to power meant proving his own unworthiness. If that meant seducing an uninvolved woman, so be it. The alternative meant people would die.

He would ensure her pleasure, at least. And when they divorced, enough material compensation to ensure she never had to wait tables again. Perhaps even a degree of celebrity.

Across the lobby, she laughed at something the old man said. Her smile transformed her face from mere beauty to that of an exotic houri.

She was perfect for his needs. He'd come to Manhattan intending to find an ordinary woman to seduce. But as soon as he'd seen this one, with shining ruby glints in her hair and eyes as green as an oasis, he'd forgotten all thoughts of plain women. He knew that she wasn't immune to him, either. The second they'd locked eyes, nearly a week ago, she'd dropped a tray of drinks, scattering liquid and shards of glass across the floor.

That's when he'd chosen her. She was beautiful, tempting, and vulnerable to him. No one would wonder why he fell for her.

Yes. He smiled inwardly. She was perfect. Beautiful.

And oh-so common.

About Teresa Morgan

I grew up in a cold, wet country, dreaming of the desert. At an early age, I was exposed to the 1001 Arabian Nights, and that was it for me. The exotic tales of magic and romance imprinted on my brain, ensuring I would never be the same.

I've been to Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Morocco. A few of the incidents in Cinderella and the Sheikh actually happened (sort of).

I love to hear from readers almost as much as I love sheikh romances.
Email me at

Interview with Teresa Morgan

N.L. Earnshaw: What will readers like about your book?

Teresa Morgan: If you love sheikh romances, you're going to like my book. Sheikh fans love powerful, exotic guys determined to have their heroine, and feisty, sassy heroines who tame their guys. I had a blast writing the over-the-top romance and the fantastical locations. I got to put in
some of my own experiences from visiting Egypt, Syria, and Morocco. And it's got a couple more love scenes than your typical Mills and Boon Presents. Love scenes are also fun to write.

N.L. Earnshaw: Why did you self publish?

Teresa Morgan: Self-publishing is such an amazing opportunity for writers. I believe there are a ton of great writers out there whose books just don't quite fit into the programs established by the mainstream publishers.

I love the sheikh books published by Mills and Boon. Susan Mallery, Olivia Gates, Emma Darcy--they're my heroes. But fitting in to Mills and Boon's lines is a skill I just don't have. It's a little different (and a little hotter), and I was never going to make it into Presents or Desire.

Self-publishing lets me share Libby and Rasyn's story anyway. I hope people like it!

I've also self-published another story, Handcuffed to the Sheikh, and as I was writing it, all I could think was "Mills and Boon would neverlet me get away with this stuff!" There is barely any market at all for a novella-length sheikh story, and that story has been in my head for a decade. It's so nice to have it down on (virtual) paper!

N.L. Earnshaw: What is your writing process?

Teresa Morgan: Constantly changing. I like to say I'm a plotter, but then something like Handcuffed to the Sheikh drops into my brain with no plotting at all (except for ten years' worth, I suppose).

I plot, mostly. I need to know how the story will end before I can really start on creating the characters and emotions that get to Happily Ever After.

N.L. Earnshaw: How long does it take you to write your first draft?

Teresa Morgan: Depends on the book. I do a super quick rough draft that's mostly dialog that helps me make sure the plot hangs together before anything else, and that takes me a couple of weeks. But the first draft? Months.

N.L. Earnshaw: What inspired you to write this particular story?

Teresa Morgan: I wanted to write a sheikh book that could possibly happen. I had the Cinderella and the Sheikh title, and I thought that I'd turn a New York waitress into a Cinderella. So for what possible reason would a sheikh want to whisk a totally inappropriate girl off her feet? My
answer was that maybe he didn't want her despite her being inappropriate--maybe he wanted her *because* she was.

Of course, if you've got Cinderella, you must have Prince Charming. What if his charm was less of a positive trait and more of a weapon he uses to hide what he really wants? That's how Rasyn exploded onto my page.

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