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Lover's Betrayal: Misfits of the Lore Series by J E Hopkins

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A Vampire Out to Clear Her Son’s Name.

A Former Lover Bent on Revenge.

But Neither is Prepared for What Happens Next…

Vampire couple Olivia and Lucian were forced to separate nearly two centuries ago, but now a series of murders has brought them back together. Their task? To investigate who’s responsible for the grisly killings. And the prime suspect is none other than Olivia’s son, Kaden.

For Olivia, the reunion brings back all the pain of their shattered love—a love she abandoned to marry another. The decision held fateful consequences for herself and her troubled, warring sons. But her new mission also offers a chance at redemption as she risks everything to prove Kaden’s innocence—and put back together a fractured family before it’s too late.

Through it all, Olivia faces the seemingly unyielding hate of Lucian, a powerful leader of the Council, the enforcers of all immortals. He’s determined to seek vengeance on Olivia and her son—but can his hatred withstand the love his heart can’t deny?

J. E. Hopkins is a practicing attorney in New York and an avid fiction writer. She holds a JD from St. John’s University and a BA from New York University.

What will readers like about your book?
There are so many good paranormal romances out there. I’ve read many. What I have tried to do is to tell a unique story from a perspective that anyone can relate to. Even though the story focuses on a vampire couple, it could just as easily be a human couple struggling with regrets, guilt and wrong choices. It also delves into the difficulty of parenting even adult children. It’s relatable on so many levels.

Why did you self publish?
Two reasons. The first is that I did not want to spend years trying to sell my manuscript when I could be spending all that time writing new stories. Secondly, I like the flexibility of self publishing which allows an author to write in his or her own voice without the influence of publishers dictating the story. I get to tell the story I want to tell and not the story someone forces me to convey.

What is your writing process?
I work full-time so my opportunities to write are limited. I try to use my vacation time to write. I usually travel several times a year and I spend quite a bit of that time writing.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?
It varies. My first novel, The Broken, took years mainly because it was my first and it was a difficult story to write -- it focuses on child abuse and domestic violence. Lover's Betrayal took considerably less time and I am already working on the second book of this series which should be released later this year.

What inspired you to write this particular story?
I love the paranormal and I also love romance. I tried to write a story that conveys both. It's easy to write something when you are passionate about the subject. It's enjoyable writing this kind of story.


“What did you want to discuss with me?” Lucian’s tone was forceful and demanding. He needed to get Olivia to focus on official business rather than the desire that was afflicting both of them. His body heated from the way those violet eyes watched him with such intensity. He wanted her. There was no denying the need and passion he felt. Olivia’s beauty called to him like a siren and his body could not help but respond.

Olivia snapped out of her reverie. “How have you been, Lucian?”

Lucian hated that false look of concern in her eyes. He wondered if she knew just how miserable he had been since she walked away. He could not hide the bitterness in his voice. “How do you think I’ve been, Olivia?”

“You look like you have been doing well. You’re head of the Council now and I know how much you always wanted that. I’m surprised your father stepped down so soon, but I’m glad for you. I guess things are going well for you. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“Does it ease your conscience to think that?”

“Nothing will ease that,” Olivia acknowledged. “I just wanted to know if you were happy, if you were well.”

“Why do you care? Do me a favor and stop pretending to give a damn about my life when you were the one who tried to destroy it. If this is your feeble attempt to butter me up so that I will help your son, then let me tell you now not to waste your time. Nothing you say will change anything.”

Olivia expected Lucian to be somewhat angry, but the hostility in his voice surprised her. Lucian had always been so calm and relaxed. He rarely showed temper, but it was obvious that her presence incensed him. “I know you’re upset with me. Please don’t doubt how much I care about you. I have always cared and I will until my last dying breath. I need to know that you’re ok. I need you to be ok. It means everything to me.”

“Well, mate, I can’t oblige you. How do you expect me to feel about this? How would any man feel knowing his mate, his other half, his entire reason for being -- had bedded another and bore him sons? Seeing you again brings up all those painful memories that I have spent years trying to squash. Now I’m trapped here dealing with you and your precious son. The son you conceived with Daughton on our wedding night.”


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