Monday, April 4, 2011

Upcountry - R.M. Doyon

Inspired by a true story, Upcountry is about a smart and savvy woman named Jane Schumacher who is shepherding her boss, the governor of New York, towards the presidency when she learns she has some serious health issues. Early on Thanksgiving Day, Jane decides, abruptly, to return to her upcountry home to make amends with her estranged family only to discover that her fraternal twin sister is the victim of serious spousal abuse. Her dilemma? Should she simply rescue her sister from her husband's evil clutches or take justice into her own hands? And so begins an emotionally charged journey...

Why did you choose to self publish?

In answer to your questions, I decided upon the indie publishing route simply because I did not want to waste up to three years of my time trying to find an agent who might have been able to convince a legacy publisher to buy my work. Everyone has heard myriad horror stories about the tight cabal running the book publishing industry today: IF you can write an air-tight query letter to an agent,and IF said agent reads it, and IF he or she takes a flyer on a new writer....then it might have a chance with some publisher willing to take on an unknown writer.

Well, I wasn't going to stand for that, and that's one of the reasons why I became an independent publisher (I detest the term 'self-published' simply because those who still have a job in the industry, and especially the mainstream media, look down their collective nose at people like us).

But the real reason was that I think my book is good enough for readers to make up their own minds as to its quality. This has been born out by the official reviews I've received on Amazon, AND by the hundreds of emails and Facebook/Twitter messages I've received about Upcountry supporting my work. Upcountry, by any objective observer, has been a critical success. This is both flattering and encouraging.

My favorite authors? 

 Well, just the other day, a reader sent me a note saying that my writing was similar to the late John Updike's -- a huge compliment, since he is my favorite author. Though Mr. Updike wrote many novels, his five monumental pieces of work about Rabbit Angstrom are some of the best examples of literature in American history. Updike had no peer when it came to documenting the human condition.

I also enjoy the works of another John...this time Irving, for his works ranging from The World According to Garp, to his newest, Last Night in Twisted River. He's a bit odd, more than a bit quirky, but Irving's a great writer. I also dabble in other authors' works, including those of Joyce Carol Oates, whom I have recently returned after a few years. And I am currently reading Ian McEwan's Solar, which is turning out to be quite a good novel.


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