Monday, April 4, 2011

Nail Your Novel - Roz Morris

Most books on novel-writing will make you read hundreds of pages about character arcs, inciting incidents, heroes’ journeys. It’s great to know that – but while you’re reading about it you’re not writing your book.

And what these books don’t tell you is how to use this learning and get the job done.

Nail Your Novel is a writing buddy – and mentor - in a book.

The author has written nearly a dozen novels that have made it into print – and this is how she did it.

You’ve dreamed of writing a novel. Don’t procrastinate with another theory book. Don’t launch in, get stuck and throw your hard work in a drawer. Nail your novel.


Roz Morris has nearly two decades of experience writing novels and helping floundering authors find their way. She is a senior book doctor for a major literary consultancy in London, writes fiction under her own name and has ghostwritten bestselling fiction for high-profile writers with major publishers, including Random House, Puffin and Mammoth. Her blog is

What will readers like about your book?

You don’t even need to read the whole book before you get started. It sits beside you as you work. You read a section, then do as it says. In 10 easy steps it will tell you:
*how to shape your big idea and make a novel out of it
*how to do your research and how to use it
*how to organise your time.
*how to plot and build characters
*when you’re going to hit problems and what to do about them
*how to write on the days you don’t feel inspired
*how to reread what you’ve written and polish it.
Along the way, Thumbnail Notes give tutorials about storytelling and storycraft – strictly when you need them.

And, once you’re finally satisfied, Nail Your Novel will tell you how to sell it to publishers and agents.

Why did you self publish?

It's too short for the current market. But one of the book's virtues is that it is concise - no longer than it needs to be. You want to write, not read another long book about writing. Because you don't have to slog through a great long tome you have more time to work on your novel.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Blake Snyder, Jordan Rosenfeld, James Scott Bell, Anne Lamott, Donald Maas.


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