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They have been visiting Earth for centuries.

They have taken us at will.

But they have just taken the wrong man.

Jimmu Kuma Kazaka is a ninja sent to kill a man in feudal Japan. On the night he decides to strike, his life, and his world, are forever changed.

Alien scientists and warriors from across the cosmos, abduct and place Kazaka in deep storage for centuries. When they revive him

with the intent to subject him to extraterrestrial evisceration, the ninja escapes. The shadow warrior then begins to hunt his captors, one by one, leading up to a battle that will shake the galaxy.

The Bear That Fell From the Stars

A different kind of alien terror.
Aliens, Ninjas, and Plasma Cannons—“The Bear That Fell From The Stars”

Bio: Keith C Blackmore’s newest novella is a Science Fiction tale of a crew of interstellar scientists who unwittingly abduct a ninja. The shadow warrior escapes and begins to demonstrate to the visitors exactly why they are to be feared throughout the galaxy.

Where did you come with the idea?

I’ve always enjoyed historical mysteries that are demystified--where events can be twisted into a plausible (or fantastical)”what might have happened” kinda story. “The Bear that Fell From The Stars” is my attempt at shedding some light upon a mystery that I’ve thought about for years. I also think it’s time for a good ninja tale, and I hope this meets with approval.

What’s the novella about?

It starts off with a silk merchant who wants a local lord in his area dead. He approaches a ninja clan with the task and a man called Kazaka is sent to after the lord. For a short time, Kazaka gathers information on the man he is to kill. Then, on the night the assassination is supposed to take place, the ninja becomes the victim of an alien abduction, and he’s whisked away to an alien mothership to be the subject of horrific scientific experiments. Kazaka escapes captivity, however, and the tables quickly turn upon his otherworld captors. It isn’t long before the hunters become a body count.

What research did you do for the story?

Mostly on ninja techniques and weapons. I used to live in Japan, where I met a guy who actually studied the ninjutsu discipline. Because I knew a little of the martial arts in general from my own training, I was able to talk shop and become friends. Some very interesting conversation were had. Ninjas are scary.

Why is it only a novella?

Short and sweet, I figured. I could have expanded upon the story a little more, but I like the pace of the piece as it stands. If folks read it and come away wanting more, then I’ll be happy.

What do you like best about the story?

Maybe the action scenes. I really enjoy writing action scenes, but I also like the idea of this ninja from feudal Japan, who is placed into an impossible situation, who overcomes his own fear, and makes his abductors rue the day they ever came into contact with him.

How long have you been writing?

For many, many moons now.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

Go to and take a look around. There are some free short stories there, some sample chapters, and some guest blogs from some very interesting authors. If I’m up to something, you’ll be able to read about it there.

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