Friday, April 8, 2011


In every perfect life, there comes a time for—A Dose of Reality.

Pharmaceutical Heiress Chloe Avalon has always had the best of everything. But then again, a perfect wardrobe, the swankiest address, glamorous parties and limitless trust funds are the norm when you live in the realm of the über-rich. The only problem is that all of it has become a tad bit…tedious.
But life starts to get a little too interesting when her brother, Luke, sends her an ancient relic—and promptly vanishes. A mysterious voicemail from Luke’s oldest friend (and Chloe’s girlhood crush) adds a new layer of intrigue. Then, on the eve of her 30th birthday

, things really begin to fall apart.
From Southampton to New York to a private island in the Caribbean, Chloe plunges into a dangerous race against an enemy she never expected and discovers there really are some things that money just can’t buy.

Heidi lives in the Arizona desert and attended Arizona State University. She is an avid reader, animal lover, devourer of guacamole and devoted wife.

What will readers like about your book?
There is humor and love and adventure. It's a fun, easy read - great for the beach!

Why did you self publish? 
I've been writing for years and could never quite work up the energy to go through the struggle of finding an agent/publisher. I want to entertain people and I write books that I'd want to read...bottom line is that I wasn't willing to give up control.

What is your writing process? 
Some books it just hit me and I have to write until the story is out of my head. Others start with an idea and evolve (much more slowly) from there.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?
About four months. I work full-time in advertising, so my writing time is fairly limited. I dream of the day when my passion is my "job".

What inspired you to write this particular story? 
The idea struck when I was finishing final edits for my last book. I bounced them around for a bit and started writing a few weeks after An Unexpected Obsession hit the (digital) shelves. I actually wrote most of the book, decided it needed to be in first person, deleted the manuscript and started from scratch!


I love getting packages in the mail.

Not just presents, although I especially like presents, but any box will do. It could be something silly I saw on late night TV and sleep-ordered or the latest pair of shoes from my favorite designer that hadn’t yet hit the stores. Even if it’s a power cord for my cell that I had to buy because I’d somehow misplaced the forty other ones—as long as it comes shipped to my house in a sturdy brown box, I’m a happy camper.

This particular box was heavy and I tore into the industrial strength packing tape with abandon. My thirtieth birthday was fast approaching and I just knew it had to be something wonderful. I peeled back the final flap and plunged my eager fingers into the plethora of pink packing peanuts. Finding something solid to grasp, I carefully lifted my prize into the light.


I had to sit down to study the decomposing piece of metal that had emerged from the depths. I’m not usually the ungrateful type when it comes to gifts, but when your big brother sends you a dirty piece-of-crap sculpture for your thirtieth birthday… well, let’s just say I wasn’t overwhelmed by the warm-fuzzies. No card, of course, because that wasn’t Luke’s style. I knew it was from him, even without a return address on the label, I recognized my brother’s chicken-scratch writing style.

Happy-freaking-birthday to me.I removed my gaze from the disappointing relic to look out the window at the snow falling lazily toward Central Park and tried not to feel sorry for myself. It was a peaceful scene and one which I normally appreciated throughout the year and especially so during the holiday season. But recently everything around me, like my latest gift, appeared tarnished


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