Friday, April 1, 2011

Peril - Ruby Barnes

.'I balance on the precipice of life.
Friends and family have turned their backs on me and walked into the shadowland.
Police and thieves are shouting Jump, Ger. Do it.'

PERIL by Ruby Barnes is the story of Gerard Mayes. He's an anti-hero. Men want to be him, women want to convert him. Ger's story is fiction but his origins are real - everyday folk living and working in a Dublin city center wracked with organized begging, drug addicts and violent crime. It's not all leprechauns and shillelaghs in Ireland.

Ger is a slacker. A consumer. He thinks life owes him, takes what he can and goes with the flow. His take on life, like that of another famous slacker The Big Lebowski, is sometimes humorous but the story takes a noir turn when Ger kills a mugger and is held to account for it. All things move towards their end, of that you can be sure.

I've pedalled the pushbike of life through the Shires' rolling hills, along the folded rocks of Scotland's lochs and out west to the fractured reaches of North Wales. Love found me in the MacGillycuddy's Reeks of Ireland. The Swiss Alps cured me of obsessive compulsion and yielded progeny.

Misfits, rogues and psychopaths take form in PERIL, THE BAPTIST and other works. Their voices, they speak to me. I plead with them, but the demons are real. I've carried them on my back across Scandinavia, through the Mid-West, Eastern Seaboard and Deep South of the USA and to the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. We teetered together on the brink of the Iguassu Falls and came back.

My writing is dedicated to the memory of my late grandfather Robert 'Ruby' Barnes.

Q: What will readers like about your book? 

Male readers will empathise with the narrator as he follows a hedonistic path of destruction. Female readers will want to change Ger's ways.

Q: Why did you self publish? 

PERIL is a genre bending novel that has proven popular on peer review websites and in face-to-face writing groups. Readers love PERIL but it's difficult to classify. The e-revolution gives novels like this a chance to address a global audience.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre? 

Colin Bateman, John Irving.


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  1. Hey, Nadine. Thanks for featuring PERIL.
    It's currently available in kindle format but I'll be taking it onto Smashwords in the near future.