Friday, April 1, 2011

New World Orders - Edward G. Talbot

"The Planet Was Smoking"

In the nineteen-sixties, a group of wealthy men concludes that it's already too late to stop global warming from destroying the planet. But they have a plan to save themselves.

Twenty years later, Jack Crowley and Jim Patterson stumble onto the conspiracy, and every answer they find is accompanied by more questions - and more deaths.

Jack is a former idealist, turned cynical by his years working as a New York tabloid editor. But his enthusiasm returns as he looks into the work of a NASA scientist who tells Jack about cover-ups at the space agency. Jim is a detective with little patience for conspiracy nuts. But he hates loose ends, and is unable to let go of the inconsistencies in another suspicious NASA death. Soon, his investigation leads him to Jack, and they join forces.

As Jack and Jim dig deeper, they are targeted by the type of killers that don't usually miss. From Washington to Las Vegas to the Middle East, they manage to stay one step ahead of their pursuers in a race to expose the truth, and maybe, just maybe, save the world.

Edward G. Talbot is the pen name for the collaboration of two authors, Ed Parrot and Jason Derrig. The conspiracy thriller NEW WORLD ORDERS is their first novel. The half-novel, ALIVE FROM NEW YORK, is also available as an ebook. The thriller novel 5TH WORLD, will be released later in 2011. Both authors live and write in New England.

"New World Orders will make you question everything you have ever been told by the system. With frightening realism and a unparalleled sense of urgency, E.G. Talbot spins a story so compelling that it will suck you in from the very beginning and linger long in your thoughts after you finish the last page." – JAMES MELZER, author of Escape and Hull's Landing

"A bureaucratic apocalyptic cover-up! Ed’s mixture of real world politics and the possibility of what may come, keeps you captivated and wondering… what if?" – EMERIAN RICH, author of Night's Knights

Q: What will readers like about our book?

We've probably gotten the most positive comments about our characters. People really seem to like them and want to see them succeed - or in the case of the "bad guys" - fail. A lot of readers also like the way the book ties all sorts of real events into the conspiracy that makes up the main plot. And. . .we've gotten a pretty strong reaction to what we did with Elvis Presley early on. It is a very minor chapter, but it seems to have generated some laughter/horror.

Q: Why did we self-publish?

Brutal honesty here. We could not get an agent or a publisher. So in 2008, we released the book as a free audiobook and we gained quite a few fans. That told us that the book was good enough. After a couple years of foot-dragging, we finally decided to self-publish. At this point, we have stopped submitting our next novel, and will self-publish that one this summer. Certainly if a traditional publisher or an agent is interested n us, we would listen. But at this point, the huge effort required to be professional about the submission process is better spent promoting and writing self-published books. Given that cover art and editing can be done by freelancers these days, the pros of going through that whole process simply do not outweigh the cons.

Q: Who are our favorite authors in our genre?

Ooh, a fun question. Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy, though let's just say stuff written by those authors before 1990. Although our style is nothing like his, we owe a lot to Robert Ludlum, father of the modern conspiracy thriller. Both of us consider Katherine Neville's "The Eight" to be possibly the finest thriller ever written, though that's the only work of hers we would rate at that lofty level. These days, James Rollins has a lot of stuff we enjoy in the action thriller genre. It's becoming tougher and tougher to differentiate yourself, though, and we're still waiting for the next Cussler or Clancy. We've read one indie thriller that we would rate a five star read - Crack-Up, by Eric Christopherson. And there is a small thriller publisher, Variance Publishing, that has a whole lot of excellent offerings.

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