Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nazi Werewoofs by Karl Larew

Nazi Werewoofs" is a spoof on James Bond/vampire/werewolf type stories. It is a sequel to the author's "Bad Vampires" (2009), but it can be read without having read the previous book. Good Vampires are more or less normal humans with a need for little sips of blood, usually from willing normal human friends. Bad Vampires are the same but they usually kill their unwilling donors for fun. Bad Vampire Baron Wolfgang von Verdammte is trying to create a neo-Nazi empire by developing werewolves to fight his enemies, the Good Vampires. Good Vampire Lance and his normal human girlfriend, Carol, plus their comrades, must stop the Baron and his creatures.

Bio: Karl Larew has been a history professor at Towson University, Maryland, specializing in military history and philosophy of history, since 1966 (semi-retired since 2005). He was a sometime civilian historian with the US Army and also an Army Intelligence officer. In addition to many articles and reviews on military and diplomatic topics, he has to his credit a number of articles on popular culture, including comic book history. He is also the author of five other novels, including "Bad Vampires," to which "Nazi Werewoofs" is the sequel (though each can be read as a stand-alone). He has had a life-long love for supernatural stories, especially spoofs of the same. He lives in southern Pennsylvania with his wife and cat.

What will readers like about your book? It's action-packed and full of puns and other fun, poked at James Bond, vampire, and werewolf stories.

Why did you self-publish? 

Although I'd received considerable praise for my work, the only agent who agreed to market my stuff died before she could make a sale; so, rather than go through the agent-seeking process again, I went to self-publishing.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre? 
I've enjoyed Anne Rice's books but, for spoofs like mine, my inspiration has really been movies and comic books more than "serious" books.

Links: "Nazi Werewoofs" may be purchased as a paperback from and, as an ebook (with a different cover) from Kindle, Smashwords, and Nook.


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