Friday, April 22, 2011

Dignity by Naomi Marx

A novella set in 1483 Portugal during King John II reign, in one of the most prosperous Kingdoms of the time, Rachel, a princess of the throne has been arranged to marry her cousin, suffocated by the lack of anything meaningful in her life she face’s being tried with treason for wanting something other then what exists in the Kingdom. She is faced with the question, to stay in throne, marry her cousin and remain noble. Or face being tried with treason, even death in order to maintain her dignity.

Naomi Marx lives in Minneapolis, MN with her two beautiful children. A longtime writer, who’s previous work focused on global economic research, government bond issuances, to freelance writing projects for a local art consultant. She is a full time author of fiction novellas with a focus on social, economic and women issues.

What will readers like about your book?It's a book that questions personal dignity, during King John II reign in Portugal he was a reigning superpower who accumulated a mass of wealth. But in his stride for a perfect Kingdom he ultimately suffocated the citizen of both Portugal as well as the world. Rachel a Princess of the throne, who could relish in all these same riches without lifting a finger, realizes that the mass wealth is not in itself a purpose in life. For her, the existence in the Kingdom was filled with fear and self loathing. She has a choice, to remain 'noble' and keep quiet and stay in the Kingdom and marry her cousin Charles. Or maintain her personal dignity, at the risk of being tried with treason against the King. She struggles in answering if the risk of her life is worth maintaining her personal dignity.

Why did you self publish?
Honestly, I was hesitant about self publishing as I thought if you could go through the traditional legacy publishing channel that in itself qualified one's work as 'good'. But realized, that the old method of publishing through the traditional route was outdated. As an avid reader, and a diverse reader, I wanted to write the story that I wanted to read. My stories, both being Novella's and Literary Fiction are difficult to market in todays traditional industry. I don't write for page count, rather I write for the story, when the story is where it needs to be I finish. I found the traditional route focused too heavily on page count versus content. So Self Publishing gave me a channel to still share these stories that I caught in the wind.

What is your writing process?
My writing process is both highly creative and highly technical. The creative side is that these are not my stories, most often while taking a long walk around a lake, a character and a date will come to mind and from those two factors I will dissect the purpose of the story. Once I get the heart of the story I free write and allow the story to form, I cannot type the story first for some reason, so I have to write long hand each story then type it all out. After the story is constructed I go through and find gaps or irrelevant information and clean the story up in order to flow better. Once it's 'completed' I sit down and Edit and revise and edit and revise until I feel the story has been cooked fully!

How long does it take you to write your first draft?
That is different for every story. The first book I wrote, Cycling Trivialities, it took me at the very least 6 months of pulling together the characters and the motives. As for the second story, Dignity, only about a week. I am working on two more books right now, both of which are taking me more time then anticipated because I can't seem to capture the main characters in the light that they feel right under.

What inspired you to write this particular story?
My inspiration comes from Nature, not stories. While submersed in a peaceful walk, or sitting in the fresh air, the stories come to me. So like I said above, these are not my stories, rather I catch them in the wind and use my ability to create them to bring the story to life (or back to life since most of my stories are historical women's fiction).

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