Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Devil & Preston Black - Jason Jack Miller

You'd think finding a song named after you on an old record would be kind of cool. But that's not how it goes down for Preston Black.
What starts out as a search for his old man fast becomes a quest for an original version of "The Sad Ballad of Preston Black". Turns out the song is about his deal with the devil, a deal Preston doesn't really remember making.
When the devil decides it's time to cash in things get really interesting.
People he loves get hurt, and Preston starts to wonder if a long fall into an icy river is his only way out.
Lucky for Preston, he has help. A music ethnographer with connections in some of Appalachia's darkest hollows convinces him that his salvation can be found in the music. Preston can buy that. It's the hexes, curses and spells he has a hard time with.

And it's the ghost of John Lennon who convinces Preston to do something about it.


Jason Jack Miller is a writer, photographer and musician who has been hassled by cops in Canada, Mexico and the Czech Republic. An outdoor travel guide he co-authored with his wife in 2006 jumpstarted his freelancing career; his work has since appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, online, and as part of a travel guide app for mobile phones. He received a Master’s in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill where he is adjunct creative writing faculty and he is an Authors Guild member. He's been a whitewater raft guide, played guitar in a garage band and served as a concierge at a five star resort hotel in Florida. When he isn't writing he's on his mountain bike or looking for his next favorite guitar. He is currently writing and recording the soundtrack to his novel, The Devil and Preston Black. Find him at

What will readers like about your book?
The book is about the music that makes us want to change the world, the important songs that remind us who we are. Music is an inescapable part of most of our lives. For Preston Black, it is literally inescapable. 

Why did you self publish? 
My wife and I worked with big publishers and small publishers. I didn't like the lack of attention my book received, and I finally have the confidence to realize that my work is better than the form-rejection letter an agent’s intern sends me..   

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
My novel is supernatural suspense with a bit of magical realism thrown in for good measure. So I like writers that weave a little magic into their suspense. Carlos Ruiz Zafon is my favorite author writing in this genre.



  1. Jason, you can't go wrong with Zafon!

    Thank you for sharing this, N. L.