Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cel & Anna: A 22nd Century Love Story - Lindsay E. Edmunds

Cel & Anna is a fantasy novel with touches of romance, suspense, and some futuristic magic.

In early summer in an unnamed year late in the 22nd century, a guy and a computer both fall in love with a girl. The guy is Taz Night, a shy computer genius and "semisuccessful" product of genetic engineering. The computer is a worker-companion machine named Cel. The girl is an unhappy corporate psychic named Anna Ringer.

Cel buys Anna an extravagant gift, which unexpectedly triggers a datastorm-- a vortex of electronic garbage.


When not writing, Lindsay Edmunds lives a quiet normal life in southwestern Pennsylvania. Love of family and friends, a green thumb, reading catalogs and cookbooks, and walking miles and miles are counterweights for her wild imagination.

She likes the writing of Russell Hoban, William Blake, Garrison Keillor, Joyce Cary, Emily Dickinson, Robertson Daives, Shirley Jackson, Evan S. Connell, and Erle Stanley Gardner (her favorite hack). She enjoys bluegrass music, though none of her relatives can understand this.

Her favorite movie of all time is Local Hero.

What will readers like about your book?

It departs from fantasy's most heavily traveled paths. Readers looking for an unconventional approach to the genre might appreciate this.

For example. although one character has psychic power, she finds that this gift is not terribly useful in the real world. Also, this fantasy novel is as much about technology as it is about magic and romance.

The plot in a nutshell: a guy and a computer both fall in love with a girl. Interesting times ensue.

Samples are available for download. The ebook costs about as much as a large cup of coffee.

Why did you self publish?

At one point I had an agent who loved Cel & Anna but couldn't sell it. When that agent and I parted ways, I tried a second marketing push, to find the doors were closed. Most agents didn't even bother to send a form rejection letter.

I am glad I ventured into the Wild West of ebooks. Better to be an indie pioneer than someone with a novel in a drawer.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

I like the American ex-patriate author Russell Hoban, who switched in mid-career from being a fabulously successful children's author to writing novels for adults. He spins fairy tales for grownups—and rather well! I like the ghost stories of M. R. James. Growing up, I admired Ray Bradbury.

Recently I discovered a brilliant blog by the Book Smugglers: Its focus is fantasy. Thanks to their reviews, I have added a half-dozen titles to my "to read" list, including two novels by Franny Billingsley: Chime and The Folk Keeper.

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