Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boltman - Eric Quinn Knowles

A hapless young man believes he is the incarnation of Boltman, a comic book superhero. On a quest to unlock the secret of Boltman’s super powers and complete his transformation, Kevin must rescue his sidekick, Ampere, from the clutches of Tommie Boy and the Church of the Mind, an evil celebrity cult of energy vampires. In his costume, Kevin is stronger and faster than anyone can believe; he becomes Boltman, but Boltman has a mind of its own. On the path to fulfill his destiny, Kevin begins to wonder if he is really just losing his mind, or if Boltman is a separate entity, bent on using Kevin for its own mysterious ends.


An author, journeyman techno-mage, massage therapist, business owner (hail to the King, baby), and former driver of your neighborhood ice cream truck, Eric hails from the Pacific Northwest where he continues to enjoy life in a quiet community near Seattle. When not writing, Eric enjoys reading a variety of genres from superheroes to detective fiction, playing Magic The Gathering with his nephew, Dungeons and Dragons with the older crowd, and watching Real Housewives of Atlanta with his girlfriend (because he has to).

What will readers like about your book?

So far, readers have really responded to the novel's sense of humor. Boltman blends character driven drama with a sense of absurdity. The superhero aspect remains grounded to a level of realism that readers of any genre can embrace (knowledge of the genre is not required), and the parody of celebrity culture is something that we can all relate to--we see it on the television, on the internet, in action every day.

Why did you self publish?

Honestly, it sounded fun. I only queried a few agents before I discovered that ebook publishing was possible; the moment of that discovery, I was hooked.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

There are some great authors out there: Mur Lafferty, Austin Grossman, Rob Rogers, Peter Clines, to name a few.

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