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Dream Walker by Shannon Sinclair

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Do dreams really come true? Much to Aislen Walker’s dismay, they do.

Like most young women, she only wants a normal life—to finish school, become a nurse, maybe even travel the world someday. But one night she has a terrible nightmare, watching helplessly as a young boy executes a man in cold blood. What she wants to believe is only a bad dream turns out to be an actual murder!

Is this all for real? Is she just going crazy? Or is she, as her dead-beat dad tries to tell her, a “walker,” one with a special talent for crossing into different dimensions? If she believes him she stumbled into The Stratum, a dimension run by powerful organization that manipulates and controls the real-world through it. And they really don’t like strangers wandering in, fouling up their plans or exposing their nefarious deeds.

In the first book of the Walker Saga, Aislen must decide what’s true and what’s a lie, who she can trust and who she can’t and discover who and what she reallly is, in a reality where nothing and nobody is what they seem.


They say, “write what you know” and for Shannan Sinclair that meant writing the weird.

At a very young age, Ms. Sinclair began experiencing many strange and extraordinary paranormal events, from dream travels and actual hauntings of her childhood home, to psychic phenomena such as premonitions, telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience. She has even had the pleasure of a couple of UFO sightings.

After twenty years of studying mysticism, holistic theology, philosophy and quantum theory, Sinclair wanted to weave those concepts with some of her own experiences into a fictional adventure.

Her first novel, Dream Walker explores the question: is our mind really only contained to our brain? Or is it possible that space/time/dimension travel, although not yet something we do on a physical level, is something we have always done through consciousness?

“I am definitely not unique,” Sinclair explains. “Everyone at some time has experienced phenomena that doesn’t fit into the confines of logic and science. Every individual has a dream space on a nightly basis and has probably had experiences that have left them wondering at the nature of reality and consciousness.”

Shannan Sinclair was born and raised in the heart of California's Central Valley running barefoot through its pastures and throwing dirt clods at crop dusters. She had the courage to escape once, joining the Air Force and living in exotic places such as Japan and Texas, but soon found herself sucked right back into the undeniably charming vortex of Modesto, California.

When she isn’t saving the world as a 911 dispatch superhero, she’s a mild-mannered writer.

Alright, maybe “mild” isn’t the right word...

Dream Walker is her first novel.

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