Sunday, March 25, 2012

Agents of Change by Guy Harrison

   Kindle Price: $2.99 USD
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 Review Quotes:

 "Agents of Change is action-packed and exciting. The plot escalates quickly and    keeps a good pace to the end of the book. The love story is complicated and emotional, not just lust-driven and superficial." — Julia Peterson

"I love the narrator's voice that comes across, I mean, really love it. Additionally, there were some really great moments where I felt the author did a good job of upping the stakes." — Nikki McCormack

An amiable corporate manager by day and a fledgling matchmaker whenever he can get around to it, Calvin Newsome’s new dream job falls into his lap when he’s recruited by a secret worldwide organization whose agents use uncanny abilities to empower and influence everyday downtrodden individuals. Disaster strikes, however, when an elaborate scheme leaves Calvin as a prime murder suspect…and his new employer is presumably to blame.

With the authorities on his heels and his life left in ruin, Calvin uses his new powers to blend in until a journey for freedom becomes a quest for peace. As the agency’s rival organization threatens the security of all of earth’s inhabitants, Calvin teams up with unlikely allies and battles startling enemies hellbent on unleashing their power in a twisted version of justice, innocent lives be damned.

Bio: Guy Harrison is a Phoenix area-based author raised in Philadelphia. Once an aspiring sportscaster, Harrison has worked in media relations in higher education. He currently lives in Chandler, Arizona with his wife Lindsay and their two cats.

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