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Overrun and Overrun: Project Hideaway by Michael Rusch

Overrun: Project HideawayOverrun

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OVERRUN: Project Hideaway (ZF94N)

OVERRUN is a two-part futuristic thriller taking place on a superheated Earth no longer protected by an ozone layer. In this dying world, technology only exists to shelter small amounts of land.


A new Cold War has arisen between the United States and new superpower, Japan's Great Union. Both race to develop protective technology for their citizens. Advancements are kept secret with each country hoping the other will fail and perish from the Earth.

With an inevitable war on the horizon, a secret U. S. defense strategy is constructed calling for the launch of demolition forces against unsheltered American cities in ambush of invading troops.

Primary objectives are elimination of the invasion force while clearing land for the construction of new lifesaving technology. Secondary hopes include the rejuvenation of a radiation-poisoned U.S. population through the genocide of those living on the outside, collateral damage of these ambush

Unbeknownst to the U.S. President, an underground government faction has been secretly stoking global political fires in provocation of a J.G.U. invasion. On the verge of attack, the President is maneuvered into putting the secret defense strategy into use.

Visiting his stepchildren living outside the technologically protected societies, an embittered retired military commander finds himself caught within this newly declared war. Promised rescue for himself and his family, he is coerced into helping implement the plan. He must set out to destroy his family's hometown with only the purpose of getting his stepchildren out.

OVERRUN: Project Hideaway

A week following the declaration of war, the U.S. is close to defeat. A failed genocide attempt becomes known to the public and the President must answer to the world for his administration’s sins.

An element still exists that could bring victory to the battered U.S. forces and ease the tensions of a quickly dividing country. On the ship Hideaway, technology to create an artificial ozone floats secretly hidden away in space untouched by the conflict being waged on Earth.

The President launches a covert retrieval mission led by one of his top most-involved generals in the war. The J.G.U as well as separate mercenary forces race to do the same. The quest to obtain the prized technology becomes a final battle for victory in the war as well as an ultimate determination of survival of the planet.

Aboard the Hideaway, a two-man crew is inexplicably awakened from a fifty-year hypersleep without communication from those that launched their mission well before the onset of war. With unidentified ships approaching in the distance, they prepare to forcibly defend their cargo not knowing their actions will decide the fate of the world they float above.

Interview with Michael Rusch

Why did you self publish?

Self-publishing allows someone to get their work “out there”. It also gives readers a huge amount of reading choices. I think self-publishing promotes reading in general, because now with e-readers, getting a book is now easier than ever before. Besides just being fun to read, it’s also fun to use these new devices. I personally find that they train you to read faster.

I think e-books and the wealth of information, writers and story options now available will help make future generations better and faster readers. I imagine this will help keep reading in general stay on the rise and not a decline, which can only improve the quality of our education and our knowledge and experience of the world around us. It’s an exciting thing.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I wanted to write a book that I would like to read, or a movie that I would like to see.

I enjoy dark, non-stop action movies based on a good story. I think a good story is one that makes you feel what the characters feel and sucks you in so deep that you truly experience the events that are unfolding around them. Some examples of my favorite movies are Blackhawk Down, Tears of the Sun, The Dark Knight, Armageddon, and the most recent Star Trek. In terms of books, I really enjoyed “First Blood” by David Morrell.

I enjoy these books and movies because they are based on a great serious story and are not action for action’s sake.


Two figures moved lightly about the darkness.

Daniel J. Baldwin, minister of state and most senior adviser to the President, lowered himself into a chair. Down the hall amidst the shadows, War Minister Peter Faulken walked towards the outside door of the presidential office.

The thin orange dot marking the tip of a lit cigar bobbed up and down the darkness while Faulken moved through the hall.

Baldwin slumped in the chair and let out a long breath.

"Is the President aware?"

The flaming tip of the cigar turned and came back towards him. Faulken’s heavy shoes dragged roughly across the hard floor. For a moment it was the only sound.

"The President has been partially briefed on what has occurred."

"Partially briefed on what has occurred?" Baldwin said with a waver of panic edging his voice. "That's not my goddamn question. There is more going on here than what has just occurred".

"His ignorance in certain matters is completely necessary in the eventuality..."

"In the eventuality any of our illegal foreign military activities are discovered?!" Baldwin said hotly. "Is that what you are about to say? Ever since construction first began on the domes, mere presence on any land that is not entirely your own is considered a trespass. For God’s sake even presence on land controlled by your allies is considered suspect.”

“The President’s denials will only be more real if he believes them to be truth himself. The world has become too frightening to risk anything else."

"This is not something we should be messing around with! By operating outside the presidency, we are contributing to this fright."

"The President is not aware, because we cannot risk him changing what has already been set in motion. This was agreed upon long ago. To ensure danger does not arise."

"You are wrong. Danger has arisen. And it is here."

Another silence followed before Baldwin’s voice again filled the empty echo of the corridor.

"You know they're calling it a genocide,” he said accusation coloring his tone. “It's being called a genocide by both people in here and rumors starting to circulate on the outside."

"A genocide? It’s far from that. It is the only way for this country to survive. The only way this world will survive. Rumors need to be handled until the plan has been fully implemented. That time is coming soon."

"It’s not possible,” Baldwin responded. “Not anymore. Many already know. Uprisings are imminent. Whether it comes from the outside or somewhere within. Dissenting factions are beginning to grow."

"People on the inside will never revolt. Their presence here attests to their full consent and support of what is about to occur. It's the price and responsibility they all chose to accept before coming to live within."

"Their presence does not pledge their allegiance to a genocide of those left behind."

“Actually, yes it does. Those that came in, came in to survive. The ones they left behind…they’ve always known their fate.”


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