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The Curse Girl by Kate Ellison

The Curse Girl
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When her father tries to steal magic from the mysterious, beastly master of the "Curse House" outside her home town, seventeen-year-old Bee is the one who becomes a prisoner. But Will isn't anything like she expected. He's the same age as she is, for one thing. He's also really handsome, contrary to local legend.

Well, maybe the whole "beast" thing is meant to be metaphorical, because he's a total jerk.

Between the house's weird magic and Will's snobby attitude, the situation is nearly unbearable, and Bee only wants to escape. But there are complications. The witch who cursed Will left him a riddle to solve and four years to figure it out. And now that Bee's become a part of this messed up fairy tale, she'd better help Will figure out the riddle so they can break the curse, or she's going to remain a prisoner in the curse house too.

Because the four years are almost up . . .

About Kate Ellison

Kate Ellison lives in southern Georgia with her husband and two cats. When she's not writing, she enjoys watching NBC comedy shows, playing video games, and eating ice cream cake.

Interview with Kate Ellison

What will readers like about your book? 

I think The Curse Girl will appeal to anyone who likes fairytale retellings, spunky heroines, or romances where the guy and girl are making lots of snarky comments and fighting all the time. It's a sassy romance. There's also a lot of whimsy and magic, a riddle to solve, and a few plot twists.

Why did you self publish? 

I think the creative control and complete autonomy is pretty appealing, and I love having the ability to write whatever story comes into my head without worrying about whether or not an agent or editor would consider it viable in the current market. I also love the quick turnaround between writing, editing, and publishing books. No two-year wait!

How long does it take you to write your first draft? 

I'm pretty quick with the first draft. It usually takes me between 1-2 months if I have a rough outline of where the story is going. I'm a plotter/pantser mix, and I find that helps me stay focused but curious, and that keeps me writing.

What inspired you to write this particular story? 

I had the flash of inspiration one night when the power had gone out and my husband and I were eating pizza by candlelight. I imagined a big, spooky house lit by flickering candles,and a girl all lone in the middle of it. I decided to make it a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast soon after that, because I love fairy tale retellings.

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