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Red Skhye In Morning by Sara Thacker

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Will evil win, or can the world be saved by an FBI agent, a bored CEO and a movie star?

Red Skhye in Morning is a serial book delivered each morning to your Kindle. Delanie Skhye is a movie star desperate for some paparazzi free time. She’s found the perfect place to relax until a storm brings Samuel Taylor to her island. Samuel Taylor is a dissatisfied CEO on break from his work. He takes to the open ocean to find his dream life and get rid of his personal demons. Finding Delanie alone on a private island is more than he ever hoped for, but something is wrong. He can feel it sneaking up behind him like a tiger stalking its prey.

A killer is on the loose, preying on blonds. When he finds Delanie he wants her, but Sam is in the way. The killer targets both Delanie and Sam and they have to fight to be free of the threat.

William Sterling Rowland the Third became an FBI agent to make a difference in this life. When his aunt was murdered he vowed to not sit on the sidelines and only throw money at problems. His favorite singer goes missing, driving him to go out on his own to find the island killer. All hell breaks loose when a hurricane develops, putting everyone in danger.

Sara Thacker lives in the southern part of the US with her two dogs, two kids and husband. She loves to read and write mysteries. How you enjoy the spine tingling fun of her latest novels.

What will readers like about your book? 
Red Skhye in Morning is a fast paced thriller that ill knock you on your seat. Every great story has great characters and I know you are going to love Delanie Skhye, Samuel Taylor, and William Sterling Roland the third.

Why did you self publish? 
I've worked with traditional publishers and I've self published works before. I like the flexibility of self publishing. Self publishing is more difficult in some aspects. You must edit like crazy. With the traditional publishing model you have someone else watching your back, in self publishing it's up to you. I've had some good editors with traditional publishing and I've had some terrible editors. For Red Skhye in Morning I decided that I wanted the purity of the book to come out, showing the raw danger without having to have it edited down to the publishing houses standards.

What is your writing process? 
My writing process is crazy, that's all I can say. I don't have a particular place or time that I write. It seems like my two kids and two dogs take up a lot of my time. I do spend a lot of time sitting in my car in parking lots writing. My laptop battery is way over used. Some times I plot. Sometimes I just wing it. I did plot out Red Skhye in Morning and I followed the notes for the most part. There are some parts of the book where I strayed far from my original outline.

How long does it take you to write your first draft? 
I usually can get a good first draft in about a month for a novel length book. Sometimes that month of work is spread over two or three months depending on my families schedule.

What inspired you to write this particular story? 
The FBI agent in Red Skhye needed a home. I love the character William Sterling Roland the third. I think he'll get another book, maybe another serial.



Breathe deep. Take it all in. Salt. Sand. Palm trees. Wet wood with barnacles. Feel it all. And then take in the beautiful blond.

The thrill of the chase shot down the back of his neck, making him tingle from the tips of his fingers to the bottom of his bare feet. He swallowed twice, calming the trippy excitement fuzzing his thoughts.

Through the view of his night scope she moved from the bright yellow kitchen to the whitewashed deck. He zoomed in, knowing exactly what he would find. She would eat chicken tonight, just like last night.

The drink, white zinfandel, the napkin, linen.

Her entry alarm code, four-one-three-two. Predictable.

Her schedule, the same every day. Her life, boring.

A mosquito buzzed past his ears, trying to distract him from his target. But he wouldn’t give in. The heat, the rain, the impossibly tiny insects could all attack, but he would hold firm and keep her in his sights.

Only a few days to learn her ways. The time spent getting to know her was much shorter than he thought it should have taken. This woman, this beauty of beauties, should have been more of a challenge. But no such luck. Instead, this woman sucked.

The investment weighed heavily in his thoughts. He could step away, leave her be, but that would be failure on his part, and he wasn’t a failure.

Time to move forward. Not that he’d take her from her bed. No, he’d make her ache with desire. Make her want to come to him and relax into his arms before he showed her exactly what she was worth.

The interest was there. The other day at the grocery he’d seen her shy glances while she pretended to inspect the tomatoes. Of course the store run-in had all been pretense. Just like at the restaurant and on the morning jogs. Lost in the memory of the grocery event he closed his eyes. She'd been dressed in white slacks and a yellow top that showed too much cleavage. The girl wanted him. Her eyes had been smoky and dangerous. Something significant happened in the store, a connection that couldn’t be denied.

He blinked, forgetting his surroundings for a moment. It was dark out, not overly lit like the store. Disorientation socked him in the gut. A quick check on his prey showed that she was almost done with dinner. Damn it, the fantasy had lasted too long. Concentration was key to his operation.

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  1. looks like a good book :)

  2. Thanks Javid. I hope you enjoy it.