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My Name is Cuddly Cat by Megan Sara Jones

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This novelette is based on a true story about a cat that adopted some humans and raised her family with them. The story is about three black cats that played a special and precious part in their humans' lives. They travelled all over America with their humans. This is a story about happiness and love, sadness, illness and death. Together they went through good times and bad times. The story is narrated by one of the kittens with the added viewpoint from the lady human. It is a personal memoir of a journey with a cat.

I was born in South Africa, have lived in England, Bahrain and the USA. I have visited France, Germany, Czechoslovakia and have collected recipes from all over these places. Have compiled some of them into a book.

My earliest memories are of going to the spice market with my dad when we lived in Natal. My dad used to buy his spices for curries there and often took my brother and myself there. I still remember huge piles of red, yellow and orange spices and have never forgotten the wonderful smells! I think that is where I got my love of spices from.

When I lived in America I used to grow my own chillies and give them to friends because I grew too many. Now I live in Spain where I am working on writing more cook books. I have a HUGE folder of recipes from all over the world.

What will readers like about your book?
I think they will like that it is based on a true story and people will be able to relate to the happiness and heartache of the story. Most people love animals which is why they should like this book. The cover picture is adorable.

Why did you self publish?
I always wanted to write a book but knew I could probably never afford to publish it. This way is so much easier, and I enjoy self marketing my books.

What is your writing process?
I start with breakfast and coffee very early in the morning, even before I go to the gym. Then I write for an hour when I get home. After that I work for my husband marketing his websites. So it is a busy day on the computer.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?
The first draft for this book took three weeks.

What inspired you to write this particular story?
I wanted to write something other than cookbooks and have always felt that this was a good story to tell so it evolved from there. Sometimes there are things that you should share with other people and I felt that this was one of those things.


Being Born

'You are my cat and I am your human'.

From Cuddly Cat

Well, here I am. A little black furry cat telling you about my adventures. I don't remember being born, well - not exactly. I do remember warm, kind hands cleaning me and handing me to my mother who licked me all over. I was in a dark, comfortable place with my three sisters. My mother took wonderful care of us all and so did the humans who peered in at us all the time. One day when we got too bit for the warm, dark place they built us a big pen and moved us all downstairs. We called it the pen and it contained our food and a litter tray and beds. We had more space down there which was nice. They gave us toys to keep us occupied and I think our play times amused them a lot! We all loved to be picked up and cuddled by them, always gentle and kind. We made it our goal to climb out of the pen and at every opportunity we would try to scale the sides, but they were high enough to keep us in. We suspected that they were high to keep us out of mischief as mischief is what we were! So my sisters and I planned the 'Great Escape'. Every day we tried to climb up the sides and every day we got a little higher. Closer to the top! We wondered what we would find on the other side.
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