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the DOME by Nova Sparks

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What if you knew the exact date and time the world will end, what would you do? 

Sam Tucker was faced with that dilema when he began getting visions of the Earth's demise. Luckily for him, he was able to save his family and as many people as he could before the tragic event occured, and he did so with the help of unknown visitors. With Earth now destroyed, Sam, his family and thousands of other lucky survivors must live the rest of their lives on a faraway planet in a Dome that simulates life on Earth. But Sam's mind can't seem to rest as a few questions arise. Why did the aliens save them? How did they know about Earth's sure fate? And exactly what are they hiding?

Emma Tucker begged for an escape from her boring life but never in a million years did she think it would come at the destruction of Earth. Living on a new planet and finding it difficult to get rid of her rebel habits, Emma finds herself making friends with a member of the alien race and it soon develops into an unexplainable love; a love that is more dangerous than she could ever imagine. While her father is searching for his own truths, she has no idea that she is stumbling on a truth of her own.

Told from the point of view of both Sam and Emma, author Nova Sparks takes readers on a journey to discover love, fate, faith, truth and the mystery of the DOME!

My name is Nova Sparks. I write sci-fi/paranormal urban fantasy romance novels. My first published work the DOME, will be out for ereaders April 30th 2011. It is book 1 in the DOME trilogy.

What will readers like about your book?: 
I think readers will like the pace of this book. I think this book is paced a little differently than some other urban fantasy books. Sometimes people fall in love, have sex and then get to know each other later. That's real life. And my book is a reflection of real life in a science-fiction/urban fantasy genre. Also, my book gives the point of view of two characters, a 37 year old man and his 17 year old daughter. I think readers will appreciate a dual experience of the same situation.

Why did you self-publish? 
Originally, the DOME was written as a treatment for a television show that I desperately wanted on HBO. After failed attempts at getting that to happen, I figured the story shouldn't be wasted and I should try self-publishing. I never tried the traditional route because I figured the process was all to similar to getting a TV show on the air.

What is your writing process? 
My writing process almost always consists of ice cream and music. Inspiration just comes better that way.

How long does it take you to write your first draft? 
To be honest, the draft of this book was written in almost 2 months. The bulk of the story was already thought up and it just took me getting it on paper.

What inspired you to write this particular story? 
I realized that nothing good was on television and many of the TV shows were all the same and geared towards the same audience. As a book, I wanted to write about a genre I love and make it realistic as well.


When I woke up this morning I had a plan. I planned on enduring a full day of this stupid camping trip my mom begged me to go on, and then letting her drive me home to wallow in my own misery. I planned on making banana pancakes and chilling in my room listening to Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers and trying on clothes I haven’t worn in years. I planned on painting my toe nails over and buying these hot jeans I saw at the mall. I planned on a lot. But having a plan meant nothing.

Right now I’m sitting in what is probably a huge military aircraft floating somewhere in the world and waiting out the biggest worldwide disaster in human history. I thought about Becca and how much I was mad at her the last day I saw her. I thought about Tim and how we left things. I even found myself looking for him in the crowd of people that occupied my new living space. Chances are if he wasn’t here, he’s dead. It brought a tear to my eye.

A tedious head count revealed exactly 4,998 people and that included children. Everyone was from a different region in the world. At least 10-12 people from each group spoke English. Everyone else spoke their native language. Sam spent most of his time comforting my mom, whispering to Mark (what else is new) and talking to people from the other groups.

I sat on a cot a few rows over from my mom with my knees in my chest. I looked around and saw everyone’s face. They all looked as confused, upset, sad and disturbed as me. This whole thing was unbelievable. Not even being here in this aircraft was making me believe this was really happening. I lay down and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was exhausted.

- - -

I woke up to the sound of loud banging. Everyone was standing around where the sound was coming from. I was about to get up when Sam came over and put his hand on my shoulder.

“What’s happening?” I asked him. He didn’t answer me. He was starting to piss me off. I pushed past him and ran towards the crowd, pushing past everyone who was blocking my view. When I was close enough to see, I saw two men kicking on the door group two came out of.

“Calm down. We don’t know that yet!” A voice from inside the crowd said. The men ignored her and kept going. Another man ran up to one of them and tried to grab them away from the door but he was quickly pushed back and knocked onto his ass.

“What is going on? Don’t know what yet?” I asked a man who was standing next to me.

“They think we’ve been abducted by aliens. Another UFO nut, although I can’t say that I blame them. This whole thing just screams science fiction.”

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