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The Buyer's Agent by Dylan English

The Buyer's Agent (An Erotic Novelette)Kindle Price: 
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Meredith Dawson's real estate business is slow. Mark Zinn is looking for a new home, but he's not just any client. He and Meredith have a somewhat unusual relationship. When they start house-hunting, they discover there's more to do in other people's houses than check out the floor plan.

Contains explicit depictions of sexual situations, and is intended for adults only.

About the Author
Dylan English is also the author of EYES ON IT (an erotic novelette), available on Amazon.

What will readers like about your book?
Feedback I've gotten so far seems to be unanimous: Readers like it because it's a fast-paced, sexy story with two interesting main characters.

What is your writing process?
I wrote this mostly at night and tried to push as hard as I could to get it down while it was all in my mind. This one came a lot easier and faster than my first one (EYES ON IT). I got the first draft finished much quicker. I think it's because I thought about these two main characters so much and really knew who they were, going into it.

What inspired you to write this particular story?
House-hunting. Simple as that. While out with a real estate agent, this story just kind of hit me and it all came to me very quickly.


He lived seven hours away. Never been married, no kids. To hear him talk was to understand that he was a workaholic. They had talked business a lot, and she was enthralled by his marketing knowledge.

That’s what had turned her on the most—his success and the power he exuded.

She liked his confidence. With a deep rumble to his voice and a swagger that wasn’t forced, but natural, walking into a room like he owned the place. A little arrogant, sure, but he pulled it off as though it weren’t an act. That’s one thing that separated him from the other guys she’d met who were in her line of work or something associated with sales. Most of them were dime-a-dozen salesmen and advert guys, behind a wall of phoniness that was rampant among people who sold things for a living.

Mark Zinn, though…he was different. When he spoke, he did it in a matter-of-fact way, like you either got what he was saying or you didn’t, and he didn’t care one way or another.

Was he a good catch? She wasn’t sure. She just knew he was different.


Maybe a little dangerous.

More than once she caught herself checking him out when he was in front of her. Many more times she wondered what his big strong hands would feel like on her body.

She’d gone to a real estate conference not far from his city and they’d met for dinner one night.

She hadn’t brought Rico, her vibrator, along for the trip. She’d flown to the conference and the last thing she wanted was for a TSA agent to stop her bag going through the scanning device and saying, “Well, well, what do we have here?” with all the other passengers rubbernecking to see the monitor displaying Rico in her suitcase.

So…that night after their dinner together, she’d gone back to her hotel room, alone, filled the bathtub with warm soapy-slick water, and soaked in it, thinking about Mark Zinn in there with her, sitting under her.

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