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The Well - Peter Labrow

The Well
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Trapped. Missing. Cursed. Fourteen-year-old Becca Richards and her stepbrother have fallen to the bottom of an ancient well. Their parents are away; they won't be missed for days. The predatory man who had been stalking Becca now switches his attentions to her best friend. Two women who know where Becca is trapped are desperate that she should never escape. Over the course of a week, family, friends and strangers are drawn together by a terrible shared fate – from which not all will escape. ‘The Well’ is a darkly gripping tale about how we respond to the hand fate has dealt us – and the consequences of our choices. ‘The Well’ deftly intertwines a story of supernatural horror with a tale of one of the greatest fears of modern life. As the book progresses, the two stories become one – driving relentlessly towards a single, thrilling finale. ‘The Well’ is a fast-paced, riveting story that will grip you – and keep you guessing – until the very end.

What will readers like about your book?
Different readers seem to take different things away from it, which is good. Everyone who’s read it says that they can’t put it down – that it’s a rollercoaster. It is fast-paced from the outset and there are plenty of twists and turns. Hopefully it’s scary – I did have one woman write to me who had nightmares three nights on the run after reading it! It also has some emotional depth – something I really wanted to add, that you very rarely find in horror. It’s also very ‘normal’ – in supernatural books real life is often suspended. In mine, it’s not – life goes on. I blend the natural and the supernatural, because that’s what I think life’s like. If flesh-eating zombies surrounded my house, I’d still want a cup of tea at some point. There are also a few themes for people to dig into – it’s nice when readers find and comment on those.

Why did you self publish?
To get the job done. I’m not anti publishers or anti traditional publishing. I think agents, publishers and editors add value. But getting discovered and finding someone who will really believe in what you do isn’t easy, far from it. I looked at my choices – I could spend years trying to get an agent or publisher, or I could release my work to the world. I chose the latter. I’m glad I did – though I’m still open-minded about traditional publishing. The reason I’m glad is that people are reading my work, enjoying it, commenting on it, getting in touch with me – that’s great.
Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
I know it’s trite to say so, but Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. I like King because even when he’s not at the top of his game, the worlds he creates are engaging. He has a knack with his writing of making it transparent – reading one of his books is like watching a film. I love Poe for the opposite reason, his words are so wonderful, so carefully chosen. I read a lot outside of horror, for instance I love John Irving, I think his writing is beautiful and his stories very inventive.

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