Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sara Bear - Paul Sharp

The story of “Sara Bear” takes you on an in depth and intriguing journey full of action, mystery, murder, and adventure. It is the story of a young woman raised by Indians in the American wilderness of the 1840's. She escapes her violent husband and tries making her way east.
Shortly after her journey begins, she comes across the remains of a hostile attack against a family's wagon. As the father lay dying, he asks Sara to help his four children make it to safety. Sara reluctantly agrees and the children soon learn that without her help, they would be lost for sure.
After another attack on their party, Sara begins to think there is something suspicious about the children's situation. Finally the travelers arrive at an outpost, but Sara learns that they are unable to help. They do, however, offer to escort her to the railhead where she can get passage to Philadelphia for her and her party. Once there, Sara is hoping to reunite the children with the relatives of the slain parents, thus fulfilling her promise.
Sara soon finds that her life becomes intertwined with her newly adopted family as she uncovers a string of events involving the children's parents, their relatives in Philadelphia, and a pair of foreign assassins. Sara and the children return to the western wilderness with new friends from Philadelphia where they establish a ranch and begin work on making a new life for themselves. However, the trouble does not end there as hired Comanchero's are still on the lookout for the children and other family members.

Paul Sharp has been living in the American Southwest for most of his life. He was raised in the Midwest and brings his unique knowledge of history and experience to his novels. Paul started writing novels in his seventies, following his brother who started writing poetry at about the same age. After completing “Sara Bear,” Paul has gone on to write several novellas and sequels which will be published in the future.

What will readers like about your book?

Readers will certainly enjoy the uniqueness of the story. It’s not a traditional shoot-em-up western, it’s a journey of the spirit and the people met along the way and how their lives become her life. The characters name, “Sara Bear,” was given to her because of her strength and fortitude. These traits are displayed throughout the story and will surprise readers with how tenacity and inner strength can overcome the most unlikely of obstacles.

Why did you self publish?

Initially Paul wanted to make the books available to friends and family, and a logical way to for that was to self publish. After “Sara Bear” started selling outside of those circles, he started releasing other books and found that people were very receptive to his style of writing and the great stories.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Paul has been influenced by other great western writers, particularly Zane Grey.


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  1. Hi Paul,
    Your story sounds like a unique take on the early western theme. I've added it to my Kindle and will read it during my trip in May.
    Best of luck with your writing career.

    My book is featured on May 4, if you want to check it out.

    Gail M Baugniet