Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Kitchen Shrink - Dee Detarsio

From TV writer Dee DeTarsio, a new novel featuring the humor, vulnerability, honesty and flaws of a suburban heroine...

The Kitchen Shrink
If your life is a mess, your house could probably use a makeover, too. Welcome to the behind-the-scenes world of reality TV in The Kitchen Shrink:

“My kids smoke dope, my ex is one,
I said ‘nope' when I wanted to run…
Into your arms…And feel your lucky charms…”

When did Lisby Shaw’s life turn into a country music song? Probably when her best friend signed her up for the debut of the new reality TV show, The Kitchen Shrink, for the ultimate life and home makeover! Unable to squirm out of this “it will be fun” opportunity, Lisby tries to juggle her upstairs-behind-the-scenes-life with her downstairs-in-front-of-the-camera persona, where everything she says and does can and will be used against her.

Hopefully, the show doesn't find out about her fling with that hunky carpenter. Or that she and her friend smoked hootch she found in her daughter's room. Lisby cannot believe what a freak show her life has become. At least no one knows about her crush on Sam, Sam, the Cameraman…

Lisby tries to find her way as the TV cameras capture her every move, zooming in on drama with her kids, her ex, her mom and her best friend. Stay tuned for Lisby’s extreme close-up as she becomes a jilted laughingstock on national TV. All is lost…or is it?

After growing up in Ennui, Ohio, and graduating from Ohio State University, Dee vowed ‘never to be cold again’ (in a tantrum more worthy of Suellen than Scarlett) and ended up in Tucson, Arizona, producing the news for the CBS affiliate, oddly enough called KOLD-TV. She moved to San Diego where she worked in the SeaWorld entertainment department as a Producer/Writer. (Penguins are mean!) She then became a Producer/Writer with NBC for a live, comedy/variety show. After working for Children’s Hospital, Dee totally sold out and became the Marketing Director of a cosmetic dermatology group where she got free Botox. Her husband is a Director of Photography and travels around the world while she stays behind as the indentured servant of their two children. Though her father was never famous and her mother never beat her (that hard!) she suspects one of her sisters is a vampire.

Q: What will readers like about your book?

A: I tried to start with a funny premise: if your life isn't going so well, maybe a home makeover can help. Who wouldn't like to get their house fixed up, for free? The catch is, the main character has to do it in front of the world on a reality TV show. (I watch inordinate amounts of D-I-Y TV and most likely would watch a show like this!)

This is a story about the plight of a suburban housewife who tries to make fun of most of the cliches one family can have, yet she still has a vulnerability, especially when it comes to her kids being kids, and doing what most families try to hide from the outside world.

I hope readers who are looking for a fun, entertaining escape won’t be disappointed!

Q: Why did you self-publish?

A: When my agent became a victim of the economy, I pushed to get my debut novel, The Scent of Jade, on That was so much fun, I followed up with The Kitchen Shrink!

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

A: The goddesses Marian Keyes, Susan Isaacs, Jennifer Weiner, Lisa Lutz, Marisa de los Santos...

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  1. Thanks for helping spread the word, Nadine! Take care! Dee

  2. Thanks to your sis & my Facebook friend,MB, I am going to have to check out your books! Best of luck to you!