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In Between Lies by Shawna Hill

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After a devastating break up with her cheating fiancé, Savannah Summers delves into her work as the Assistant to the VP of Production in a marketing/production company. Finding refuge in work and her best friends, Savannah finally decides to try her hand at love one more time. Wanting more than ever to close the wounds of lost love and against her better judgment, she falls for Kevin Styles. This time around she vows to not give her whole self as before and keep her heart closer and guarded more than ever before.

Kevin Styles, a smooth, handsome Meteorologist at a local news station is somewhat a local celebrity in his own right. When it comes to women and playing the field, he holds all the cards. Being suave, having the right timing and patience is his forte and he is just the man to wine and dine her. However, a known player to his heart and in his not so distant past, he's looking for the right woman to tame his wild player ways.

Just when things are going perfect, Naomi Sanders, a blast from Kevin's past hits the scene. Naomi, now a revamped diva and budding actress, creates an entry into Kevin’s life and bed, reigniting a first unwanted and secret rendezvous that threatens his budding relationship with Savannah. For a short while, Kevin delights in having his cake and eating it too until Naomi decides that she wants more. Spurned, Naomi stops at nothing to stake her claim on what was once hers, bringing lies, destruction, and deceit, even if it means death. Naomi is bent on a sweet revenge targeted at anyone that lies within her path. Shattered trust and betrayal is inevitable. Can Kevin and Savannahs’ relationship withstand Naomi's tactics?


Still exhausted from the previous night at The Blue Horizon, Savannah flipped over in her bed and slammed the alarm clock off. Even though it was her daily routine to run everyday, she opted to skip this one. The early morning sun shone through her hand crafted horizontal blinds, promising yet another unusually nice but late Indian summer day. She reached over to close them and in the process knocked her clock to the floor. Her tongue still thick from the numerous drinks she had the night before, screamed for a glass of ice cold water. Her head throbbed with each movement like the very sound of pins dropping to her carpeted floor could magnify and echo in her ears. Thoughts of Kevin passed through her mind. She’d never even seen him the whole time they worked on the commercial for the club. It was Luther that handled everything. No mention of his name anywhere. Well, he did say a partner. Could have been lying though, she thought.

Tremors waved through her as she remembered his handsome face, strong hands and sexy bald head. She was never one for bald men, but this one was different. He oozed sex appeal. The kind that was really un-definable, untouchable, but defiantly there. He was smooth and had without doubt made a good impression on her. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word…as far as she could remember. After scooting out of bed her thoughts continued and one point of last nights conversation replayed over and over in her head….

“Where is your woman? She’s got to be around here somewhere.” Savannah looked around as if she knew who she was. She tried to call his bluff to his earlier comment about being single.

“Don’t have one right now…” He had many…but he told her the truth. He was not committed to any of them. “I have friends but that is all they are,” he continued. They both were sitting in his car. The sunroof was open and invited the full moon in. Shadows of light danced across his face exposing his strong jaw-line as he clenched his teeth as if in deep thought.

With the alcohol fully embracing her, she found heart enough to ask questions she otherwise would not have asked had she been sober. Jasmine crept in the back of her mind as well, giving her more courage to drop her guard and open up a bit. “C’mon…a man as fine as you has to have someone somewhere…even if she is in the shadows. You got it going on and single?! I don’t believe you…and does your “friends” know they are just friends?” Her voice slurred. She rubbed her eyes.

“Nope, but thanks for the compliment.” He looked at her. She was beautiful. Her soft features glistened between the shadowed moonlight as he drove her to her car. “And yes, they know they are just friends.” At three o’clock in the morning, Michigan Avenue was still bustling with energy, which made Kevin pay a bit more attention to the road than to her. “Where did you say you parked?” 

About Shawna Hill 

As an avid reader, Shawna Hill always loved the idea of writing a novel. Her first ventures were in short story format where she found her knack and was published first in confessional magazines. Later she moved on to create and publish an online romance magazine that eventually went into print. Her first novel, In Between Lies, is a result of numerous engaging conversations with her girlfriends.

Always one to want to explore ideas, explanations, and scenarios, Shawna decided to pen the stories that questioned situations. What is commitment… and when in a relationship does it take place? What is the price of being friends with benefits? Is it worth being that “friend” and taking the risk to maybe being the “one” later? How about the women that think they are in committed relationships only to find out he’s not committed at all? Once you find out he is not with just you, what lengths do you go through to try to be the only one? Or do you even want to? Do you run or stay and claim what you want?

Shawna Hill was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She holds a BS in Business Administration from Ohio Dominican University. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Marketing and Communications @ Franklin University. For several years, she’s been an avid reader and at the urging of friends and family, decided to pen her own stories. She is currently at work on her next novel that will yet again question situations and ideas. 

Interview with Shawna Hill

N.L. Earnshaw: What will readers like about your book? 

Shawna Hill: They will like the drama and suspense that it brings. One of my main characters seem to have captured an audience of her own and people seemed to really love her attitude, confidence, and strong sex appeal that she brings to the story.

N.L. Earnshaw: Why did you self publish? 

Shawna Hill: I chose to self- publish after seeing that even if you are able to go the traditional way to get published, you still have to really get out there and push your product. The major publishing companies, from what I have seen, don’t give many unknown authors the backing in marketing their books and all efforts fall on the author anyway. Why kill yourself pushing your books and have the publisher, distributor and any other middle man cut your profits when you can do the work yourself? I do have to admit, it’s a lot of work but it is worth it and no one will push and see your works’ vision as you do. You know what you have and you believe in it completely and you will do what needs to be done to get it out there in readers hands.

N.L. Earnshaw: What is your writing process? 

Shawna Hill: I really don’t have a process. I just know where the story starts and have a general idea where I want it to end. The middle writes itself as the characters talk to me.

N.L. Earnshaw: How long does it take you to write the first draft? 

Shawna Hill: Usually, I can only write in short spurts…about 20 to 30 minutes at a time so it takes me some time to write. If I am consistent, it takes me about 2 months, a little more or a little less.

N.L. Earnshaw: What inspired you to write this particular story? 

Shawna Hill: After sitting around and talking to my girlfriends (and male friends) about the state or the lack of wholesome, committed relationships today, this was a result.

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