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The Growing Dim Project by Nicholas McGirr

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Crossman and Jessica never thought they would find themselves part of a rock and roll band on the rise, and Crossman never thought he would find himself part of a master plan from the Lord of the Underworld.

Meet Crossman McKnight, a rock drummer who is bound by the Fates to take on a destiny that is out of his reach, or is it? Music seems to be the only constant thing in Cross's life as he figures out that Greek Mythology characters from the Underworld are surrounding him and even Cross's mentor, Lenny, has encountered these characters.

Find out what Cross's destiny will be and how he and Jessica will survive the beginning of this long journey that just may never end. Literally.

Nicholas A. McGirr lives in Struthers, Ohio with his wife and two daughters, Serena and London. Nicholas has been inspired by music since the age of 12 and continues to write about the different genres of music. His first work Life of Death will be available in ebook format this summer.

What will readers like about your book?
For starters, it seems like Greek Mythology stories are coming around again. The Growing Dim Project places a new gothic spin on making Mythological stories come to life.

Why did you self publish?
Just like most authors starting, I received a ton of rejection letters, mostly due to publishers not accepting new submissions. I longed to see my work in print and available to the public. Even after having my paperback available since 2005, I still needed new readers, I decided to go ebook.

What is your writing process?
Obviously, I start with a ton of research into Greek Mythology. The stories I come up with are usually based around the different myths and how they might be related. From there, I wrap those myths around my characters and try to tie it up with a musical background. Being a musician and growing up with an 80’s rock singer as a father, music is usually the basis of the book.

How long does it take you to write your first draft? 
Well, as any self published author will tell you, finding time is rough. My first book, Life of Death, took me about a year to write the first draft. I was nineteen and started this as a hobby, so it was more for myself than for others to read. The Growing Dim Project took me about 4 months to write. I just had a pretty bad car accident and was out of work, so the typing began.

What inspired you to write this particular story?
The Greek gods of course!

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