Saturday, April 2, 2011

FLASHPOINT by Pamela Beason

A Contemporary Romance Novel

When Terrence Langston ran Langston Green, the plant nursery sailed along like a well-run ship. But when his daughter Elisa takes over after his sudden death, she feels more like the captain of the Titanic. First vandalism, an earthquake, and then arson--and now the handsome insurance investigator believes that she's behind all the destruction? Will she have to be murdered to prove him wrong?

Q: What will readers like about your book?

This is not your ordinary romance. Elisa Langston is an independent, kick-butt woman. She's half-Guatemalan and a little defensive about her heritage and her position in her very Anglo family. Men typically look right past her to her stepsister--tall, blonde, beautiful Charlie. This case is no exception. When Elisa is injured by a falling tree during an earthquake, the EMTs who rescue her immediately fall for her mother and her sister. The only man showing much interest in short, dark Elisa is Jake Street, the investigator who suspects she is guilty of insurance fraud.

This book has some very funny moments between Elisa and Charlie and between Elisa and Jake, as well as dramatic fire and earthquake scenes, and (of course) a few warm but unusual romance scenes, like when Elisa accidentally clips Jake with a backhoe and they end up in each other's arms in the mud.

There's also a Latina/Guatemalan element, so if you are intrigued by blended cultures or exotic characters, this is your romance!

All my books have a dash of humor and romance and a lot of suspense. There will always be animals in the mix, too, frequently wild ones. I am a private investigator in real life. I'm also an outdoor lover (hiker/kayaker/snowshoer/scuba diver), and I've traveled widely, so naturally a lot of these experiences will appear in my stories.

Q: Why did you self publish?

Actually, this book was first published by a romance e-book publisher who did absolutely nothing with it. I foolishly signed that contract believing the company would help establish my name, only to discover that the authors had to pay for all advertising and do all promotion for their books. So I got the rights back and I'm starting off again on my own with a new title. I also have a romantic adventure novella (CALL OF THE JAGUAR) for sale online, and that's doing very well.

I also originally self-published my first mystery, and then Berkley purchased the rights to it and two sequels. So I will be a 'hybrid' author, both self-pubbed and traditionally pubbed. The first book in my Sam Westin series, ENDANGERED, will be published by Berkley Prime Crime in December of this year. I have also written a standalone mystery novel called THE ONLY WITNESS that I intend to put up for sale as an ebook sometime in April 2011.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

I am actually more of a mystery writer than a romance writer, so although my books that are currently available fall into the romance genre, I mostly read women's fiction and mysteries and true adventure. For women's fiction, I love Jodi Picoult and Jacquelyn Mitchard. I also like a few atmospheric romantic suspense and cozy mystery novels like those of another hybrid author, PJ Alderman.

Like I mentioned above, I'm a nature gal, so I love mysteries that celebrate nature and wilderness and wildlife, like CJ Box's and Nevada Barr's and Jessica Speart's books. I really enjoyed a small town suspense (THE ROSE KILLER) by indie author Pat Gragg. Since I'm a private investigator, I like Sue Grafton's books because I can really identify with her character's life.

I'm a voracious reader; I read in every genre, including sci-fi and historical fiction. There's never enough time to read all the great authors out there.

It's a work in progress, but my website will always have the latest links and samples. You can find Flashpoint Amazon, Smashwords, Nook and other places, too. Thanks for letting me visit and tell you about my book!

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