Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fast Forward Into Future - Kelvin O'Ralph

One decision can change a person's life forever. However good or bad, is it worth deciding?

When Lucas Taylor receives a strange gift on his eighteenth birthday, he's forced to choose between two worlds; one that he had no power over and the other, he had full control over. However, is it possible for Lucas to merge both worlds?
While in love with his high school crush, Carla Benton, Lucas struggles to become an author, hoping that one day he will be with her. His world comes crashing the moment he learns of her transfer to a different continent, to the extent that he ventures in a dangerous escapade.
Things grow worse the moment Lucas gets a rejection letter from a literary agent he'd assumed would be his breakthrough. He looses hope in himself and doubts his ability to travel into the future, until he meets Trisha and they begin to write a new chapter.

Kelvin O'Ralph is currently studying at a university in UK. He is an avid writer and reader, and loves the aspect of crating new and intriguing stories. This is kelvin's second book, and he's currently working on a third.

What will readers like about your book?
The story line is one readers will definitely like, and the way the story flows especially for a short story. Also, readers will love the ending of the book. It raps the entire story and makes the reader close the book with a smile on his or her face.

Why did you self publish?
I love writing and want my stories to be read. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a agent, so I decided to go through self-publishing, hoping to attain a huge amount of internet presence before I begin querying literary agents.

What is your writing process?
I set a goal to write a minimum amount of words in a day, and this helps me a lot. After my first draft, I put it down a bit for a few weeks , then I come back to it and start editing. After several editions, I send it over to an editor in the states to edit for me.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?
Depends on the period. I'm an undergraduate and so this disturbs my writing a bit, but normally I would take 2-3 months in finishing a lengthy novel. This novella took me less than a month.

What inspired you to write this particular story?
I was in the process of editing my first book, when suddenly I decided to write a story about a young aspiring writer. However, I get new ideas when taking long walks to college.


His eyes were fixed to the letter on the monitor screen.  There was something about this particular submission.  It seemed perfect and well-structured to his brown coloured twins but then so had the previous letters.  After a long stare, he blinked his eyes due to the light’s effect and teardrops trickled down his cheeks.  Then he located the send button and clicked it.
Suddenly, his body grew rigid and a flash of white light shone over his eyes causing his entire surroundings to evolve and change. The physical features of the room full of students began to transform and meshed with the wallsas did the tutor’sHe tried looking sideways but could not; neither could he frown, cry or even blink his eyes.  The entire world began to fast forward, while he remained on his seat amazed by the fast paced world in front of him.  His heart seemed to stop beating and he could not breathe.  He could only sit like a statue – unable to move.  Soon the brisk world that moved around him came to a halt.  It was as though someone had pressed the play button after a few minutes of fast-forwarding.
Lucas Taylor was still sitting on the exact same chair.  However, this was a different Lucas - a more expensive looking one.  His right hand felt slightly heavy due to the weight of his wristwatch; the shiny diamonds in it made it glisten.  Below his chin was a well-combed beard.  Nevertheless, he felt calm despite the fact that he'd just travelled faster than the speed of light; precisely, a year into the future.
“What just happened?” he wondered but his lips did not move.
It seemed as though the Lucas of the present was only a spectator imprisoned inside his future self.  A girl walked over to him.  Her cream-coloured hair was a bit similar to blonde and her green eyes firmly focussed on him.  He smiled as he met her grin.
“Another fan,” he thought. “What? I have fans?”
Lucas could only witness the activities of his future self but could not take part in them.
“Hey,” the girl said blushing.
“Hi,” replied Lucas.
“My name's Emma.  I'm a huge fan of your upcoming novel and I'd love it if you could sign on my textbook,” she noted standing still as if she had rehearsed her lines.
“Certainly,” Lucas replied with a smirk.
He picked up his expensive looking pen. 
“What do you want it to say?” 
Emma inched closer and handed him an English textbook.
“To my dearest fan.”
He smiled and then wrote on the first page of the book:
To my dearest fan, Emma
Much Love
L. J. Taylor
“Here you go.”
“Oh, thanks!” she squealed reaching for the book and blushing again.
Maybe that was her lucky charm, maybe not.  Still Lucas was compelled to stretch his hand for a shake.  She willingly offered hers and shook back, shivering in the process.  To Emma, it felt like she was shaking the hand of a prince.


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