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The Every Day Living Of Children & Teens Monologues -Adra Young

The Every Day Living Of Children & Teens Monologues is a collection of 51 actual events that have taken place in the lives of children and teenagers. Broken down into three sections: Specifically for Young Ladies; Specifically for Young Gentlemen; and Specifically for Young Males and Females, each one was designed to assist young aspiring actors and actresses with perfecting "Character Development." Every situation is true and is told from a young person's point of view. The obstacle of "Tapping into a Characters Emotions" will become a thing of the past. Children and teens desiring to become professional performers will not only grasp the "Art of Acting," they will love it in the process. Understanding that youngsters require more guidance and direction when attempting to grasp the total "Concept of Acting." This book not only contains exciting monologues, it also contains directives enclosed in parenthesis. The purpose of having directives is to ensure that the appropriate gestures and body movements are implemented in a correct timely fashion. From knowing exactly when to take a deep breath or where to place your hands, the directives are resourceful and should be immolated at all times when reciting the monologues.

Adra Young is a native of Gary, Indiana. She is an Acting Coach, Actress, and Educator. Ms. Young has dedicated over fourteen years of service as a teacher to the youth of Detroit, Michigan. . In 2005, Ms. Young wrote her first acting and socialization guide for the youth titled, The Everyday Living of Children and Teens Monologues.

Venturing off into the world of business in 2006, Ms. Young created ARDANNYL. ARDANNYL is an after school performing arts company that provides acting, singing,and dance, art, and creative writing to youngsters five days a week. Her second book, The Everyday Living of Children and Teens Monologues Volume II is a sequel to the first modeling the exact same concept.

In 2009, Ms Young paired up with author, Arts and Community Activist Ms. Tracie Christian to create the Live Ladies of Literature Movement. On a mission to positively get the South East Region of Michigan back in stride, they provide exciting, and refreshing new events for adults and children desiring to participate in the artistic arena.

On a Bi-Monthly basis, the (LLOL) provides a free event for artist to promote their expertise, and services titled Coffee Arts & Entertainment. Together the two provide self publishing seminars to adults desiring to become authors. Christian, internet radio host of provides poetry seminars to the youth, and Young provides acting seminars to both adults and the youth. Due to both ladies being proud products of Black Universities, they provide a workshop titled, "Say It Loud I'm Proud". This seminar was designed for youngsters ranging from 13 and up desiring to know more and to become more informed about (HBCU's) Historical Black Colleges Universities.
In 2010, this Dynamic Duo directed and produced their very first addition to their Mocha Monologue Series titled, "From the Outside Lookin In". Currently, Ms Young serves as the Socialization Skills Provider at the Detroit Impact Center.

What will readers like about your book?

Besides the fact that this book is currently free listed e-book on good reads, this book provides the ultimate truth on what takes place with today's youth in and out of the classroom?

Why did you self published? 
I self published because I did not have the patience to wait on a traditional publishing company to tell me if they would accept or deny me.

Who are you favorite authors in your genre? 

My favorite young adult authors are Paul Wagner, and Karen Dabney.

Currently, my first e-book is available for free on Good Reads
My second book, The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Volume II is available on good reads as well for $1.00,
Kindle for $1.50, Barnes & Nobles for $1.00, and for $1.50
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